Birthcontrol and anxiety

Ok so this question is for the girls like me that are or want to be on birth control so heres my story and question ok so i was on the depo for about 3 years i then decided to get pregnant and well 2 months later i was i have birth and decided to go back on the depo after my delivery i had a blood clot go to my lung and well other health issues so now my cardiologist say i shouldnt have anymore kids so i schedule an appointment with my obgyn and she said i still can have one more but in a few years because i would put my life at risk if i did so now so i have options like the depo again on a more longer like the mirena or copper iud but now i dont know because ive read in some women it triggers anxiety im wondering if since i already have anxiety will it make it worse???


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  • I couldnt tell you for sure, but i use an iud an have no problems with it causing me anxiety i prefer it to the pill now . No worrying if i took it that day....

  • Thank u im glad to hear that some one like me has the iud and doesnt have more anxiety in just afraid of it getting worse or me getting all these side effects from it. Im just gonna go ahead and give it a try

  • Hi

    I would go for a non hormonal birth control if I were u

    Just having ur history it's risky to go back on depo.

    Condoms spermicides and diaphragms are another option

    Unfortunately everyone is different so what worked /didn't work for others won't be the same case with u.

    Do more research on it. But I honestly thought that once you got blood clot that's was it no more bc

  • Thank you tes thats what i thought also that after i had the blood clot they wouldnt allow me to be on any bc i had already made up my mind on no more kids i have 2 a boy n a girl but my cardioligist first said no more or that i could get the iud since it has only estrogen and not both progeston n estrogen so when i went in they said i can do the depo , mirena iud, copper iud, or implanon ive just read so many bad things about all of them and how so many women get anxiety and are a total mess im just afraid to get my anxiety more worse than what it is and well i know theres condoms im just afraid the condom will break n ill end up pregnant i was told that for no reason at all should i become pregnant because the heart meds i take can cause damage to the baby and with my heart they dont know if i will resist to carry a baby or to deliver it so im stuck on what to do

  • I forgot to add they thought my blood clot was due to the pregnancy not the birth control and i told them i was all for it but being im 24 they said they dont like operating at a short age because my health can change or i can meet someone else down the road and even if i do get the surgery since i still would be ovulating because of my age i could still whine up getting pregnant an ectopic or i dont remember what they said at the end so i feel im stuck on what to do and since ive already had 2 csections and one being emergency well it would be hard to go thru my belly and find the tubes to tie them or burn them

  • Your best choice would then be the copper t its non hormonal and 99.9% effective with condoms should be no problem on getting pregnant or making your anxiety worse.

    A blood clot once you get one any added risks ellivates your chances of getting another like I said it's not a risk worth taking if your life or babies are involved, you know?

    With the copper the only thing that might happen is a heavy period and that's a big MAYBE that's little to pay with then your health or life.

  • I havnt had a period for about 5 months theyve done test and having figured out why i mean i was on the depo for 3 1/2 years i went off to have my daughter and right after i got the depo they told me to go back in may to get it again but got my period before that so i decided i was going to wait one more cycle to go back on it n well since then no periods i mean my periods were great no crAmps no heavy bleeding but they did last 7 days also i had a d&c right after having my daughter cuz i had a bad hemorrage it was to the point i had a blood transfusion and well they said my periods would be lighter after but now im stuck with no periods what so ever .... Ive heard the cooper iud is toxic????

  • just use lemon juice this is a natural contraceptive,

    to clear your arteries out start taking some sulphur coarse crystal flakes make sure there are no additives or anti caking agents in them as these stop anything working further than the GI tract build up to about 2 grams a day start of with a small amount like an eighth of a teaspoon always take with distilled water never tap or spring water.

  • Lemon juice? How do i do that? Is it as a contraceptive ?

  • Lemon juice? How do i do that? Is it as a contraceptive ?

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