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Hi I am a working mom breadwinner of the family and trying to live life . But anxiety and panic have a hold on me when I want to go and venture out but I can barely go to far from my home. Only to work . Everyday I feel like I'm climbing a mountain just to get through the day. I feel no one can understand what it feels like to have anxiety unless you have it. I'm tired of anxiety and panic taking over my life.. I feel like such a failure that I can't get over anxiety. Each day is so hard..I need motivation. I wish I can go back to when I didn't have anxiety which was 4 years ago. I fear my panic attacks so much it makes me sad when I have to hurry my daughter to school or in a store because I fear a panic coming on. It just sucks!! Sad and frustrating.


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  • I feel for you and will pray for you. I feel the same way, wish I could turn back the clock 7 months and avoid the initial event that triggered the anxiety.

  • It is very frustrating. I know exactly how you feel. I wish anxiety and panic attacks did dictate my life.

  • Hello. I have generalised anxiety which I thought was depression for a couple of years. Mine felt the same, like I was walking through treacle, tired/exhausted. I wouldn't leave my flat only to take my twins to nursery.

    I take a medication called Lyrica and it has really helped. I'm in the UK and it's licensed for GAD over here.

    Are you on any medication for your anxiety?

    Best wishes 💗

  • No meds except xanax when needed. My neurologist wants to put me on valium so I may try it. I was on Zoloft before but I got off of it. I'm just overwhelmed.

  • There are a lot of SSRIs for anxiety, citalopram is a popular one that is listed with anxiety. You could try a different SSRI.

    Diazepam is a benzodiazepine /anxiolytic so would help with the anxiety. But you can build up a tolerance to it.

    Have you tried any cognitive behavioural therapy? I know that would be difficult to fit in.

    Is there a pattern with your anxiety? Could it be related to your menstrual cycle? I know mine gets a lot worse.

    Hope you get some help from you doctor 💖👍🏽

    Best wishes 💗

  • Yes - Citalopram which I think is Prozac, worked wonders for me- I am thinking of going back on it again after 4 yrs off b/c anxiety and depression are back- being a new empty nester (and menopause) brought on a lot of anxiety, depression and irritability.

  • Hiya. Citalopram is Celexa and Prozac is fluoxetine. 🙂

  • Hold on, Organicmom! You're the Mammy to how many kids? You work to put food on the table? To pay the bills, the rent or whatever? You've raised your kids, presumably, to be caring, responsible & respectful futur mmbrs of ou society & ur community? And you've manag to achieve all this climbing the formidable mountainous canyon & chasm that is anxiety, worry & fear? And you think you're a failure?!

    Have a word with yourself, girl?! Respect! 🍀

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