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Job and anxiety-- Stay or go?

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For the past few years I have increased job anxiety as a result of a major change in my job (manager and job function). I have seen my level of anxiety go to a full 10 at times. I dont like working for this boss and I think it contributes to my general health. I am actively pursuing another job and have begun the process, but I want some advice on do I quit and get my sanity back or stick it out until I get another job. I will ok financially for well over 1 year. The main issue if this will make me more anxious? My therapist thinks I should seriously think of leaving since it effects my general well being. I have been with the same employer for almost 15 years. I am not someone that would normally do something like this, but I am really thinking I need to make this move this year and get out! I would appreciate any advice.

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From personal experience I can tell you that you may experience anxiety as a result of leaving a job without having another one lined up.....on the flip side your anxiety will be reduced from no longer having to be employed in a toxic work environment. I left my toxic job without having another lined up....I like you had resources to ride it out financially until I found the right job.....9 weeks after leaving the toxic job I was employed in a more desireable role. My savings account took a hit during those 9 weeks but it enabled me to focus on my job search and find the right job. For me it was no doubt the right decision to walk on the toxic job. If you have a marketable skill, the financial resources to be out of work for a while, and can deal with the mental aspect of not working for an bit (which may be harder than you think) I would walk. If it costs your bank account a bit so be it if at the end of the day,when all is said and done, it improves the quality of your life.

That is exactly my thoughts. I have to way the pros/cons of the financial impact to my health. I am giving myself until April/May to get out of this current environment. There are many financial reasons to wait until that time. However, it is hard to focus on a job hunt and stay in this toxic place with these toxic people!!!

I weighed the money against the quality of my life, and the money ws a distant second. Not the first time I had left a job without having another lined up. Most people never do something like that, don't want to take the risk and thet is probably a wise course of action, however that strategy has never beoen right for me if I am employed irn an environment that is detrimental to my quality of life and happiness.

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I think you have thought this through and you know what is the right thing for you to do. I wish you all the best on your next job hunt!


It's upto you, but this very thing happened to me. I was suffering from depression and anxiety and at the same time I was going through a transfer of employer but still did the the same job in the same place. From day 1 it was downhill, aggressive manager and just a very very unprofessional company compared to the old one. I stuck it for two years until one day I couldn't take another minute !!. The boss became shouty and I just stood there and let him finish and I then told him everything I ever thought about him and his crass company and walked out. Scary but man it felt good to never have to go back there. So much pressure and stress just left on the day.

But it's all upto you.....good luck !!

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I am at the point where I am aggressively looking but I am not sure I can stay much more than a few more months with this crazy boss and lack of direction. She is taking some time off so I will have a much needed break from her nastiness.

hi I think if you can afford to quit financially then I would quit its a no brainer have to do the right things to make you feel better.on the other hand jobs are real hard to come by these days.

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Exactly that is the issue. How long it would take to find something. I have an interview on Wednesday.

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good stuff I hope you get it fingers crossed.

I would get out if you can providing you can get a reference BEFORE you go. I am in a similar position but loved my job. My LM abdicated as soon as she could after I had a meltdown in front of her but about the way HR were treating me. She has made it her business to ensure I am not allowed back to my own post which she knows I am totally dedicated to. This is because she wants some pf my time allocation but also because she will likely loss her rezponsibilty allowance if not managing someone. Also, HR are culpabale for my health as I returned to work and was refudpsed time off for folow up appointments. They also told member sof my team about my depression withput my consent. Union stirred me up to make complaints but have now backed down and are not supporting me in this leaving me high and dry. So be careful how you go about leaving but don't stick around if you your anxiety levels are high. You may snap one day and end up like me. Put your energy into positive things and leave this negative situation behind.....but with a reference. Good luck and take care.

I actually did have a co-worker right a great reference-- she is a higher level. I am also working on my network to see if I can find another job. My stress level has been really high over the last few weeks and it does effect my health. I just dont think its worth the aggravation and I want to focus on myself.

I wanted to leave my job of five years due to it being extremely stressful and working with large groups of people. I ended up staying but then I had an opiate relapse. Guess I was trying to self medicate to keep my anxiety under control. So then I went back into suboxone treatment which in order to keep the doctors appointments for suboxone and counselling and therapy I had to miss work. These dates were supposed to be covered by intermittent fmla. However they fired me anyway. So I was able to draw unemployment. But Now I wish I had just somehow found a way to deal with the anxiety because the fear and uncertainty of finding and keeping a new job seems to be worse than if I had kept my old job if that makes sense. Starting over can sometimes be more difficult than the old job. I guess this post may not be the most helpful but at least I wanted you to know that you are not alone and that others are kind of in similar situations. On the other hand sometimes a new job may turn out to be a better situation. I wish people were more understanding of these situations. I know how hard it can be. So I wish you well and if I can be of any help let me know.

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