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so suffering from travel related anxiety since 1997 to various degrees, recently I have found myself making progress and feeling stronger to push my boundaries (safe zone). well that went well as now my anxiety seems to have shifted. driving to B from A seems ok now but I feel anxiety if I drive over a manhole cover or if I don't, paradox right ? say for instance I drive along a road I could drive over a cover then for some reason my brain switches on and things go back and drive round it. has anyone experienced this, not so much the cause but the shift in the focus of the anxiety. is it normal, is it a sign of getting worse or getting better ?


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  • Hi diaclone im the same when walking outside so if i walk over a cover with one foot i have to walk over it with the other if that makes sense like they have to be equal and the same with carpet grips both of my fee have to touch the grip... sounds really hard to explain... Lisa x

  • Hi. I had this traffic light thing. How I never got knicked I don't know! It was agony sitting at red lights and I was off long before they had a chance to turn amber. I always made sure they were about to turn amber, if you see what I mean. No danger to others. This is a mild form of obsessional behaviour and is totally harmless. So, you can't walk over cracks in the road, or avoid manhole covers. Well, good luck. Try and see the funny side. I am not minimising your feelings but seeing the funny side does bring it all down to size. Blessings. jonathan.

  • Sorry dia, I didn't answer your question. It is not a sign of anything really, just another symptom. I would say that you are on the road to recovery. Memory is a curse at this stage because it can set us back. It sometimes strikes hard when we remember how we used to be, but we should try and disregard the memory and press on with total acceptance. Good luck. jonathan.

  • Thanks jonathan6789, that is reassuring. Strangely I find that the closer to home the less of a problem it seems to be. I have, over the past 12 months, began to feel and think that my main issue is confidence, when I'm feeling "up" so to speak very little seems to effect me. However that said, I can make a decision to do something but by the time it comes to it the inner voice of doubt has almost talked me out of it or worn me down that much that my confidence has deflated.

  • Hi. dia. That rotten little voice 'doubt' has plagued us all at times and lack of confidence is one of the most upsetting symptoms of this lousy complaint. 'The inner voice of doubt'. Yes, but that is not YOU. It is something that has been laid on you by the anxiety. The REAL you is capable of saying "Clear off, I have had just about enough of your tantrums". The REAL you needs to assert itself and become dominant again. Dr. Weekes talks about that little voice and how we need to totally disregard it. You wouldn't listen to some idiot who told you to 'snap out of it', would you? So say the same to "IT". To be spoken to like that usually upsets "IT" and can cause it to depart. Whoopee!!. Love and best wishes. jonathan.

  • Hi Diaclone,

    Jonathan's right. This is just another one of anxieties little tricks. You have anxiety on the run, recently you've been getting out more, you're freeing yourself from it's grasp. Anxiety doesn't like that so it tries a new trick - it throws up something else, anything to distract you, to start you worrying again.

    You're doing really well. Don't let anything derail you, especially not manhole covers!!!

    Best Wishes.x

  • Again thank you all, words of support and advice are helpful. I do tend to worry quite a bit that I'm going to be like this for the rest of my life, I've suffered since 1997. I have 2 young children ( 6 and 3) and I've not as yet been on holiday with them, which hurts a lot. One of my troubles is I can be quite impatient and very critical of myself, I expect to run before walk if you catch my drift. I have this idea of how I should be progressing and if it does not transpire it angers and confuses me. I am due to begin counselling in January so will see how that goes, shame it's no sooner as I'm missing out on certain Christmas activities involving the kids due to not feeling strong enough, basically fearing the fear.

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