Health Anxiety and Thinking Im Pregnant?

Hello everyone, I decided to post here because it seems like maybe someone could answer my questions! Im 18 going to be 19 soon, Some background info: Im on the birth control pill (but i miss days sometimes I take it for period cramps), on the pill on and off i had not had a period in almost 3 months before this. Before this i was not sexually active at all. Ok so On July 4th me and my boyfriend were fooling around. We did not at all in any way have penetrative sex. we did some things and i got his ejaculate on my hand and fingers, i got some of it off but Im not sure if it was dry. a bit after that i accidentally brushed my hand on the top of my clitoris (tmi I am so sorry) . I immediately started to worry. I have really bad health anxiety. Anyway about an hour or so later i got the Plan B Pill. Few days past and I felt horrible nausea, really bloated, sore breast (only left one?) but no period. But i knew it had to come soon. I decided to "jump start my period" (because Im so irregular i thought this might help. and basically took 4,000 mg of Vitamin C (I got really sick afterwards learned my lesson.) and a few hours after the first 2,000 mg i got my period, first brown then full period. I was filling the big pads, plus blood clots and things like that. This was on the 13th. I kept bleeding like for 3ish days, then it became less then on Monday i started the pill again and the next day it was gone. Ive been taking the pill regularly since then. no skips. however i started to feel hot? like i feel hotter than usual, then im pooping a lot more (sorry again)! Im having like no joke water discharge its not even sticky. I feel bloated and nausea. most of this went away though. now its just bloat and discharge. So i went and got a pregnancy test because i was worried. I peed on it, and almost instantly there was the feintest little gray ish line next to the big red one. I panicked but i heard it might be an evap line so i tested again today in the morning (the next day) it came out negative nothing next to the red line, but just to be sure i tested a few hours ago, and again clear but 10 minutes later a gray ish line but this time it was so feint, so so feint i asked my mum and she said i was imagining things because she saw nothing. I compared it to this mornings test and the morning test had this gray really feint line and im not talking oh i can see it if i squint its like, i have to tilt it and sometimes i see it? I think Im insane. I don't know about seeing a GP because my mum honestly thinks its anxiety because she squinted and cant see a thing. the "line" from this morning and afternoon is also way more feint than the one i took yesterday.

I have no idea what to do. Help?

i took a First Response KIt if that helps, also, no sore boobs, nausea, or anything like that. just bloating


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6 Replies

  • Hi!

    I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagation, but I would say that you're not likely to be pregnant, especially if you have now had your period and are back onto the pill again, however I like you panic about everything like this and have been in a very similar situation to you!

    I was the same and did about 6 pregnancy tests and took an emergency ''morning after pill'', however I felt the same as you do and I kept seeing the second 'You're pregnant' line even though it was only faint! I think it was the anxiety that was convincing me it was there!

    Personally, I would still go to the doctor as once I get anxious about something I struggle to shake that anxiety even if, like you, i've done several tests and they're showing as negative! But if I went to a doctor they would be able to tell me definitely that no I'm not pregnant and that would help to ease the anxiety.

    If your anxiety is bad like mine was I would recommend going to a doctor as it won't hurt and you will no for deinfinite so there's no 'am I? aren't I?' whcih for me is the worst bit!

    I hope this helps at least a little bit and I hope that you do get this sorted and feel better :)

  • Thank you so much will do!, now time to try and convince my mom to get an appointment because shes hesitant, does to me going to doctors so much because of health anxiety. Oh boy haha

  • Oh I hope she does get you an appointment, is that not something that you can do yourself, I don't know how it works for you! I've been able to get an appointment on my own since I was about 15, so that helps a lot! Hopefully it'll help! :)

  • Yeah ill be able to do it its just, since i still live with her and you know its my mom, and she cares about me she does not want me to go and feed my habit of reassurance. Im kinda notorious for this honestly. Ive thought i had Stomach cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Skin Cancer, and now this D:

    all of the previous things which i tested for even as far as getting a pointless colonoscopy and endoscopy, as well as a whole lot of ultrasounds and CAT scans, she just doesn't want me to do that.

    Ill test again in a week or so and if its sketchy ill go get an appointment right away

    Thank You! :)

  • That sounds like a good plan to me! :) I'm also terrible for getting appointments for things, I've thought I've had things like cancer, arthritus all sorts, so I know how you feel!

    That's good that she is supportive though and is trying to help you through it :)

  • Hello,i dont think you should worry too much about this one.pregnancy tests are pretty pregnant with my 3rd child and i bought the little cheap $1 pregnancy tests everytime and they all showed up 2 lines pretty much as soon as i peed on it and they have been right everytime.and the 2 lines it showed were very clear and visable.i think maybe its just your anxiety making you think that your pregnant.anxiety can really play some wild tricks on you.anyways i hope this helps and hope you get to feeling better soon and also the bloating can be from just having your period too.

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