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Physical Symptoms And Anxiety


Does anyone have anxiety and panic that is mainly physical symptoms only? I would say 95% on my anxiety is based on physical symptoms alone. Mainly palpitations and dizzy/fuzzy feelings in my head. Just curious to know if others seem to suffer from physical symptoms more than anything else.

Also anyone notice or experience how one day you can feel relatively well and good with little to no anxiety. Then the next day have a lot of anxiety? I am mainly speaking about the physical symptoms of anxiety again here. Almost like each day you wake up you're not sure if it is going to be a good day or a bad day, because it seems to change so often.

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Story of my life.

You have one day you feel well then the next your physical anxiety is back in full force? It makes no sense to me whatsoever!

Yup the past couple weeks have been pretty damn good for once in along time I wasn't feeling dizzy lighthead or fuzzy n the head near as much. But since yesterday my anxietyand symptoms are in full force right now. Ughhh it sucks

Yeah it is definitely no fun whatsoever! Makes no sense too me at all.

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Right with you on this one it sucks still trying to work it out ash 😣

For the last year it’s been that way. Even had a few weeks where I was good. Then out of no where. Went to watch tv and boom panic attack. For the last 3 weeks I’ve barely gotten out of bed I feel so miserable.

I'm sorry to hear you are struggling that badly! Monday I felt great, Tuesday was ok with physical symptoms, yesterday was not too bad, then today palpitations almost all day long. They come and go!

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Yes it surely is, just doesn't make sense how one day you can feel good. Then the next day it's right back where we left off.

Yep I was just thinking about this today. Yesterday was a great day little anxiety but over all felt great. Today it’s like I can just feel it rushing through me and all physical symptoms

Too I think for me yesterday even though I felt good I had a lot of thoughts that should have caused me anxiety or to be more anxious... but like I’ve always been to anxiety and hit any time out of the blue with no warning. Weeks or days later

Totally agree I get the dizzy nausea shaking ugh it's terrible, I actually got out today volunteered at my church gas station grocery store came home and decided to take a nap bam woke up with anxiety what the heck!!

My anxiety does the same thing. Can someone please figure out why???

My hardest symptom is muscle tension. I can tell I'm anxious when I feel like I have a knife in my back. My massage therapist said I have hundreds of knots in layers in my back :/

Mines mainly physical..which leads to odd feelings..which leads to even more physical symptoms. It's a vicious cycle. Simply the feeling of being to tired can make me think it's my anxiety and send me into a body symptom checking spiral.

And yes, changes day by day

i have the same thing all the time i thought i was the only one its physical sympthoms only its crazy and annoying .

I can have such good days that it almost feels like there's no sign of anxiety left and I'm back to normal again and all of a sudden bam it knocks me down again. It's always the worst. Like a harsh reminder that nope, actually, you're not fine.

When it comes to physical symptoms I'd say my anxiety is 99% physical. I had headaches, neck and back pain, dry eyes and mouth, psychosomatic itching, shakes and cold/hot flashes, leg cramps, loss of appetite, constantly being prone to coldness, dizziness, difficulty to breathe, difficulty to stay asleep etc.. literally you name it. I have to say that they were all gone the day I started taking meds. Unfortunately in my case nothing else helped.

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I'm new to all of this, not anxiety itself, that's always been there. But owning it and dealing with it. What meds are helpful? Or complementary therapies? Open to all suggestion here! Thanks

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Well I’m taking Lorazepam (0.5mg) three times a day, but I’ve also tried Xanax and Diazepam. Whenever I have trouble sleeping I take 10mg Stillnox. Still, I cannot recommend you anything, because what works for me may not work for you. This is also why it’s important to be honest with your doctor and report all your side effects and tell if something isn’t really working.. there are plenty of alternatives. Also meds are not the ultimate solution. I went to therapy, but I went to psychotherapy, I’d rather recommend cognitive therapy (it’s much shorter.. I’ve been to therapy for ~2 years and the progress is relatively small.. and it also cost me a fortune). Cognitive therapy is faster, but also more intense (hence this period is possibly quite emotionally draining for you). Generally, it’s not quite efficient to take meds during your therapy - your anxiety as well as your fears are numbed so you’re not really dealing with what you’re truly afraid of. But then again, I’m by no means an expert. Yoga has also helped me tremendously. Stop drinking alcohol and caffeine, you can notice the difference. You’re not alone in this :)

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Thank you, thats very useful. I am open with my gp and have arranged to speak with him about what's happening with me. Fingers crossed for later.

I can relate, unfortunately. Sorry you also deal with this. Just know you are not the only one.

What gets me is when I mention how my anxiety is bad that day people say Why, what happened? I say NOTHING, its physical OUT-OF-THE-BLUE!!! Or they say You have a good life, what are you anxious for? They can sometimes berate me! "SNAP OUT OF IT!" Jeeeze! So, i no longer mention it.

Hi yes nearly all mine are physical and mine also varies one day can be on top of world next day bam but when I'm having bad day I try hardest to just ride along with it knowing it will eventually pass and look forward to the good days try not to dwell on bad days focas on good and it loses its sting a little 😊

Mine is physical also. I have health anxiety and panic attacks and generalised anxiety but my main symptoms are chest pain left arm pain back pain. Rationally I know this is because of the way I hold my self when in panic but it's so hard to get those rational thoughts to win through when panicking. Big hugs xxxx

Yes, I have physical symptoms that changes from day to day.... Then I think I'm ill which causes more anxiety then more physical symptoms. Its a vicious circle! :)

Yes you just have to let your body sensations get on with it and don't fight it, I know easier said thandone lol! My anxiety sensations are unbearable at the ain't fun at the moment I haven't had a good day in a long while! Anxiety socks, I just want to enjoy life!

Yes , this is what my anxiety is, all physical, the grogginess in my head , aches and pains .. some days are good , some days are bad and some are really bad where everything hurts , I always feel like something is wrong with me .. but there isn’t .. I’ve had this for about 11 years now. The best I can tell you is , you have to learn how to deal with it mentally , I’ve gotten to the point where I can sometimes talk my self out of the anxiety itself before it it’s in full swing but you only have a small amount of time to do so

Me too. It's like I start to think I'm managing things and then out of no where it hits again. Now I'm having to control my thoughts about not being able to manage this because I know I can.

It is the subconscious of our brains that re-trigger this. Which in turn results in one day feeling good to the next day racing heart beat, feeling nervous, etc. Anxiety disorders are difficult to beat. I can share with you friend, during our Houston hurricane, I got every symptom back from 6 months to 5 years ago. I made it through but I felt awful during and after the storm. 56 inches of rain, houses under water, and people I knew who died. Anxiety still lingers with me from that. Time and re-training the brain again will reduce the symptoms again and make us a bit stronger next time around. Hang in there man!

Yes this has been the case. Your body is still in anxiety mode even if your mind has sorted things. It's about teaching your body to relax again. A good book: Anxiety Panicking about Panic by Justin Fletcher is great. Would also recommend meditation and breathing techniques xx

EVERYDAY! SYMPTOMS! My biggest problem is the weakness in my legs and the dizziness. When I feel my legs weak and have a hard time walking right, I take a xanax cuz I know it's the anxiety. Then I take a meclizine for the dizziness. All of my symptoms are physical. I've learned to control the anxiety ALL but the physical symptoms! I think, "I'm such a f#ucking mess", but I'm really not if it weren't for the physical symptoms of anxiety. I have no heath problems except hyperthyroidism, which I've learned can also cause anxiety, but I doubt this is from my thyroid cuz I take meds for it and nothing seems to get better. As long as I have the xanax I can control the physical symptoms, otherwise I'd be a mental case without them. Don't go out much, can't do much but watch slow moving shows on tv. I try to stay as active as possible around the house and yard and on the treadmill but sometimes.....well you know the rest of that story! Is it a lifelong thing I have now? I think so. So now it's something I have to learn to live as best I can.

Thank you everyone for the responses, I greatly appreciate them all! Sometimes it gives me a bit of piece to know that I am not the only one suffering with certain things. I know that it a bit selfish and don't mean to come across like that, however it is the truth. Hopefully one day soon ALL of us will start having more good days than bad. I know it can be achieved as I had a period of 4-5 years to little to no anxiety, and very few panic attacks. We just need to stay positive and keep moving forward!

How did you manage to get rid of the panic attacks for that long? Im new to all of this, only been experiencing panic attacks for a couple weeks but has now turned into agrophobia and panic disorder. Any tips?

if you read my post youll see i deal with physical pain all day every day. my problem is accepting its anxiety causing me so much pain... its a vicious cycle:( i know exactly how you feel

My wife is on clonazapam 0.5 mg. That takes care of it. But be careful when walking, it tends to upset the balance a little.

That's exactly how I'm feeling went to my Dr he said up Prozac.

Yes this is me today having a bad day... head tingling/tight chest/sore churning stomach!! I feel like I’m going insane just can’t wait for bedtime (if I can sleep) so this day can be over! 😭😭

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I relate to this so much.

Sorry to hear that you relate. It sure can be hell on earth at times!

Yep, exactly that!

I have a lot of muscle tension pain, that makes me feel weird, weak shaky legs, unbalanced feeling, churning stomach, sometimes different symptoms and sometimes not a lot and feel much better.

But if I suddenly realise I feel ok, I start to stress and the old feelings come flooding back and I start to feel bad again....Just goes to show for me anyway distraction is the key until I realise.

How clever and annoying the mind is!

Hi loveydovey - I know exactly what you mean. For about a year it was 24/7 anxiety. Then panic attacks stepped in. I feel as though I had every symptom but I felt more that I had uncommon ones too. Alot of mine were lightheaded feeling off balance vision issues. Recently with medication I started feeling I guess normal but feeling that way felt weird. Because for so long I was anxious all the time. So now I could have a couple great days a good week and then out of the blue an off-day or really bad day. I get it.

I can definitely relate!

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