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Bad day after having so many good days thought id come through it!

Morning all I'm so frustrated with myself after starting back at work and feeling my self again today woken up and its like being back at the beginning woke with sharp pain in side of head lasted 1 second now I've googled and diagnosed myself with everything going! I was meant to have a appointment with my therapist today but was cancelled as my daughters off school ill could this be the reason I'm back to feeling like this? Thanks for reading

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How are you feeling now ?

You have been waiting a while for a reply

I think when our children are ill it always puts extra pressure on us as parents so it could be contributing to how you feel

You sound like you have Health Anxiety & when we do we are tuned into every feeling that we feel & having the odd sharp pain lasting a second or two is not life threatening but having HA myself I know in my head it feels that way

Avoid Google at all costs , I have been there & done that & the only diagnosis it ever succeeded to do for me is make me a 1000 times worse !

Remember only your own GP has your medical history & examine you if needed & tell you what is wrong which Google doesn't have those details , Google just has the worse scenario details which we cannot afford to read when we are like we are

Come on & talk to others instead that understand I am sure that will make you feel a lot better :-)

Hope your daughter feels better soon :-)

Take Care





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