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Good bad days and just bad days

I think like a lot of people on here I have just plain and simple bad days, where I wake up tired and with no energy or want to do anything, have no buffer for any stress at all and just want to hibernate. These days have physical symptoms of anxiety and tension headaches, I am irrational and can be short tempered with everyone and no one including myself.....

Hen there are the good bad days - these feeling never subside but there are the days when maybe the physical symptoms are less, or I can feel more attached to the world. These days make me feel semi normal again, even like I used to... then anxiety comes back after a day or two and they are gone again.

I guess it's about learning to accept the bad days for what they are. Remembering that it is anxiety and not to force or pressure yourself. And on the good bad days enjoy that feeling.

Hope you all can have a good day

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You should think of taking Magnesium glycinate it stabilisers your mood so no up one day down the next.

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Really... I do take medication but not heard of this, it has worked for you?


Believe me it's the best thing I ever took !!. It is a natural mineral and stabilisers your blood pressure, glucose level but most importantly your mood. No more ups and downs just steady. If you have a defiency, which you will have because you're stressed then your mood will be eratic.


Don't you have to have magnesium deficiency for that? Any side effects?


You will be deficient if you suffer stress and also low on vitamin c and then some


I have these too Matt - it's horribly frustrating to put it mildly!!


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