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Has anyone else got the fear of being sick? I feel like it's controlling my life. Part of me knows it's stupid and being sick is natural and when I am actually sick I handle it great like it doesn't even phase me but a couple days after I start getting major anxiety it's gonna happen again and it's gonna happen in public and I'll embarrass myself. So it's kinda made me be even more of a social outcast while my boyfriend is offshore.

Sorry to ramble on

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Yes I also suffer with emetophobia. There is a pinned post at the side of the board which has an article on emetophobia that you may find interesting/helpful.

Have you had any kind of CBT/therapy for your emetophobia?



I v`e always been scared of being sick, to me it`s just not a natural thing for me to do. Iv`e never been sick as an adult except for being drunk, & I haven`t done that for nearly 18 years. I used to be sick quite often as a child until I was 10, & I couldn`t understand what was happening to me, or why, & I`m sure that`s why it`s so scary for me. Another reason is that I`m always reading about people whov`e choked to death on their own vomit, so it seems such a dangerous thing to do, then there`s the loss of control & humilliation of other people seeing me lose control & make a disgusting mess. I could go on forever!


I was really sick as a child I had a few bad sickness bugs. The thing is when I'm sick I'm fine it doesn't even bother me I just get on with it. It's when I'm perfectly fine I'm constantly worried I'm gonna be sick. It's so stupid. I've not had any therapy about it. I just thought that it was a natural feeling.


I often wonder why nature gave humans such a low vomit threshold, I mean very few animals throw up as often as people do. I read that the average person pukes twice a year. I can`t imagine that because I never did it that much even as a kid!


While I was a teenager I was never sick but last christmas I got sick and I've been more paranoid ever since.


i know someone who is just the same

it would certainly be a good idea to discuss this with your gp as there are a few therapies that could help you


Yea I think I will. It's only recently I've seen people talk about it and realised it's not as normal as I thought.


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