At the doctor!

Here at the doctor office. Was at work eating breakfast then all of a sudden a sensation came over me like something bad was going to happen my heart felt like it was gonna stop i started panicking i was jus eating breakfast then this happened.i felt like i had to get out of there i couldnt even keep still my heart is racing headache tingling in my legs feeling weak my hands are shaking just a feeling of doom. I hope to see the doctor soon my period is gonna start in 2 days. The sad thing about it was while i was to work and this was happening i couldnt even tell anyone i jus felt like they wouldnt understand or thought i was crazy.


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  • Awww, Cwoodside, I hope everything works out for u. I'm praying for you

  • You are always here when i need u thank u so much kenya. Prayers always needed.

  • That's really horrible for you, I have to take medication for a cronic illness I have and one of the side effects can be anxiety and depression. I've been getting the sensation of the start of a panic attack so can identify with you. Im able to hold it back so far. Good luck I really hope they can help x

  • Thank u i hope so too im still waiting to be seen i feel a whole lot better but will still go ahead with the visit.

  • been through this plenty of times its a crazy feeling idk its that anxiety or is it something else like today my head feels wierd aswell wierd sensations

  • Anxiety has soooo many symptoms over 100 i was very shock try to relax and hope you feel better

  • Cwoods,

    I'm sorry to hear about what happened. I always hate have anxiety attacks at work. You say you are due to start your period in two days. Have you read the thread about menstruation and anxiety? Many women, myself included, experience an increase in anxiety around "that time". I believe it is due to the fluctuating hormones. I have found that being on a low dose birth control pill has helped with the hormone fluctuations, and therefore my mood issues, when I'm going through PMS. While I know the decision to go on a hormone birth control is personal, I wanted to share what helps me.

    I hope you pull through this soon. Stay strong!


  • Its so funny to read this reason why is because i just came off my birth controls like literally came off this period would be the first one without me taking any and to be honest while i was on them and my period was due i never felt this way i think i need to look back into going back on it thank u so much for your reply! I came off because i was reading about How they can give you blood clot so i got a lil scared.

  • i get bad anxiety around my period time too girl

  • Uuugh the struggle!!

  • He recommend medication and therapy which is so expensive

  • The saddest part is that we cant tell thise around, because we are afraid of being judged. . . .


  • Exactly

  • This is a horrible feeling, I have been there before, at work, standing in front of 17- 9 year old students so I couldn't even run!!! Please remember and if necessary document when these attacks occur, since you said its 2 days until your menstrual cycle. After months of these horrific attacks I started writing the dates, times, symptoms and realized it was always the week before my cycle when they got REALLY BAD!! Now, I not only expect them, but its almost like my calming mechanism when they happen because I look at the calendar and know why. Every little but helps with this Feel better. xo

  • Oh wow this sounds like it could help i never thought about writing down when these happen thank u so much i will try that.

  • This type of stuff helps keep me calm and out of the ER!!! lol Hang in there! xo

  • Lol

  • Maybe try some moringa and pray .

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