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Emetophobia and possible influenza

Hi, i'm 16 years old and about 4/5 days ago i began to experience the early signs of a cold, i expected it would come as my brother was suffering from a chest infection so i knew some form of virus was coming my way. It started with the usual, sore throat and constant sneezing, with a little hint of a cough now and again. Then the runny & blocked nose arrived, blocked ears and all round bunged upness, feeling slightly weak and definitely tired, sore tired eyes. Today has been the same with the blocked nose and ears etc etc, however i feel super weak too, also very nauseous (however i feel nauseous every day due to my severe anxiety, also have emetophobia which seriously sucks, its a vicious cycle of being scared to be sick that i feel sick because im so anxious, then end up feeling worse because I make myself more worried), i have convinced myself that I have the flu and I cant stop googling it and self diagnosing, I'm so worried I'll be sick even though i saw on the internet its not that common with influenza. I'm just really scared that i will be sick, I haven't v* since i was 8 years old, i literally cannot cope with it, my emetophobia is so so bad

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Well you just need to hang on in there and it will go. Otherwise how about getting an Antiemetic from the pharmacist?


My mum thinks I'm beiny a hypochondriac by thinking its the flu, she thinks its just a cold so she wouldn't let me get any medication I don't think, I'm just worried she makes me go to school tomorrow because i feel like I cant move


Don't worry about it Mum knows best. This is only a minor problem and will settle with time


It feels like a bigger problem but I don't know if my anxiety is causing me to feel worse


You are overthinking. Try and get your brain away from this introspection. It's not good for you

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She's not making me go to school tomorrow so I have one day off I guess, I think I probably am overthinking things


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