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New to here- please help

For the past 3 weeks I've had on and off episodes where I feel like I can't breathe, or so, feel like I'm aware of the breaths I'm taking. I'm constantly concerned I'm either having a heart attack (I've had pain mimicking symptoms of this) or that my throat is closing over leaving me with no chance to breathe.

I can't sleep, struggle to eat and everything seems to go through me.

I've had 4 ECGS that have been perfect plus a set of blood tests and X-rays showing nothing at all.

I need some sort of reassurance that I'm ok, has anyone been through this?

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Hi Sophie

I have been through what you are going through. These sound like classic symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. When you have these episodes your mind is becoming focussed on the thoughts of something being wrong with you and the fear then starts to escalate. When this happens is can tighten the chest muscles and effect our breathing. It can losen our bowels and make our movements more frequent etc. In short anxiety can play havoc with the body mimiking all kinds of symptoms.

If you have had checks by the GP and they have come back clear then you have nothing to worry about, however if these symptoms persist then you will need to go back to your doctor to get help with your anxiety. He can refer you to therapy which is very helpful and he can prescribe you meds which can help.

Dont let it get worse without getting help there is plenty of help out there.


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