Any Helpful Results Please x im new to this site x

Hi My name is gemma and i have been suffering from anxiety now for quite a few months , i have been to the doctors and they prescibed me some tablets but i took the 1st one and it made me feel ten times worse and i just couldnt carry on with them . i have now got some valerin and 5htp tablets from holland and barratt and am trying these now . does anyone no if im doing the right thing ... i seem to be struggling with everything at the mo feeling anxious all the time and chest pain x i just wondered if anyone has any tips for me please as i have been reading all your questions and answers and a lot of you seem to have the same symptoms x

thank you for reading my blog

gemma x


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  • Hi Gemma,

    Glad you found this site. I'm pretty new, just like you, but I think everyone here is really supportive and helpful.

    I can't comment on whether the tablets are the right ones to help you, but I reckon anything that makes you feel worse can't be good right?

    Would you like to share what you're struggling with? Or perhaps what's making you feel anxious? Oftentimes just sharing can be very helpful and offer some relief. If you share what you're struggling with perhaps some of us may be able to offer some advice?

  • thank you for taking the time to reply . i know it sounds silly and i feel really stupid for saying this but i think every little thing that is wrong with me i think is something serious and im going to die i feel so stupid its unreal ... i just want my life back i really do , i have always been such a outgoing person and now im slowly becoming a hermit and dont want to do any thing :(

  • HI Hedgeo,I'm really sorry you feel this way, I have health anxiety too plus I also had depression. I went to the docs & she prescribed me Citalopram,these did make me feel a bit worse for a cuple of weeks but noew the depression has gone but I am still left with some anxiety,but it is nothing like it was before taking the medsThe doc is goung to try something just for the anxiety so hopefully it will decrease even more.I have been playing guitar in a 60s band for twelve years butfor three months from being diagnosed with depression I didn't touch my guitar or do anything with the band.But now that part is back to normal & I am gigging again. This does get better,listen to Jonathan he helped me with a few points,ask for some cbt while you take your meds & there are quite a few out there if one doesnt work tell you doc & try another. I really do sympathise with you health anxiety,any anxiety on a regular basis is a real bummer. Good luck & very good heath for 2013


  • thank you very much for your help .

  • What do you mean by "every little thing is wrong"? Could you explain further?

    Sometimes when we are having a bad day, and everything just keeps going wrong for us, its ease to turn on ourselves and blame ourselves for everything that's going wrong. Is that why you feel this way?

  • like get a pain in my leg i think i have dvt or chest pain heart attack ... silly i know .

  • Hi hedgeo, anxiety always makes us feel like we have something wrong with us and makes us feel embarrassed and silly. It stopped me from eating properly, my anxiety made me think food was bad for me, or if i was having chest pain i thought it was a heart attack. Even if it started raining, my anxiety took over my head and told me i was going to drown, weird hey? Im just coming to terms with mine after years of having anxiety, im on fluoxetine which my dr has put me on, its a roller coaster atm because im on week 9 of taking it. I used to be happy and outgoing, but im crushed with anxiety and now depression, which my anxiety brought on. Hopefully, il be that person i was and start enjoying life instead of just existing.

    So no, your not silly, its just your anxiety making you feel this way.

  • oh thats awlful , u can actually have tis for years ????

  • Yeah ive always had anxiety, ever since i could remember, i think even as a kid but it wasnt diagnosed until i was 30 when i first started on meds, after 10 years on meds i came off them 4 years ago and my anxiety came back with a vengeance and i couldnt cope with it anymore so went back the drs 3 months ago and went back on meds. Talking therapies and counselling didnt help me but the meds has done and it looks like im on them long term, even life long because there is no way i can cope without them. Its still early days yet, but im optimistic that i will get through this.

  • Hi. hedge. A very great welcome to the site and I am sorry you feel as you do. Now, let us get a few salient points clear. If you want to recover you CAN! You will NOT necessarily have this for years. Have you been back to your GP? There are many different tabs on the market and it is just a case of finding the right one to suit you. You can go down the herbal medicine road but since you have been to your GP it would, in my opinion, be wise to continue that way for a while. Do not take herbal remedies with conventional ones; unless you tell your GP. They can interact with conventional medicine. When you are getting better, and you WILL, then is the time to look to other treatments. Have you spoken to your GP about some sort of talking therapy? This can be useful as a wise counsellor can help. You seem to be suffering from health anxiety. This is brought about by being aware of our bodily symptoms, and because of our anxiety, EXAGERATING them beyond normal. A non anxious person has them but does not give them undue attention. We don't. We fasten on to every little twitch. This is not being stupid and there is no need whatsoever for embarrassment. If you have seen your GP and he/she has given you the OK physically then you must believe them. Right. What to do! You have to FACE and ACCEPT that you have this problem.Do not try and run away from "IT" or try and FIGHT or STRUGGLE with "IT". You will not succeed and only drain yourself further. You will need to ACCEPT the way you feel at the moment. This will allow you time to look at your illness (for that is what it is) and come to terms with the fact that your responses are exaggerated ones. Recovery is possible no matter what the circumstances!! or however long you have been this way. But it does take time. It really is up to you. Don't despair. I know; it is only too easy to do so. Acceptance may not pick you up immediately but it may prevent you sinking into despair. Read the blogs on here and listen to the advice you will be given. Good luck and blessings. jonathan.

  • Hello Jonathan ,

    thank you for taking the time to reply , i have been doing excatly what you have just said , i have been trying to run away from it and i think its making my situation worse . i am going back to the doctors on friday and am going to ask them is she can give me any further help with this as she has tried me Citalopram i couldnt cope with it so she put me on amitriptyline , but i didnt feel it helped me either so i have stopped that too . hopefully she will try me on something new if not maybe tell me off some groups i could go to .

  • been there done it!!! here we go.........firstly talk to your doctor do not self medicate......some antidepressants take three weeks to work and initially can make you nauseous and low mood.....but they do work given time. but tell your doctor how you feel as there are alternative drugs and not all are addictive...give yourself wishes

  • thank you .

  • No one in here is silly, including you Gemma :) So don't think that of yourself.

    As Linny mentioned, its the anxiety thats causing you to feel this way. I think you do realise on some level that its the anxiety thats causing it, but you just feel powerless to stop it.

    If you've had a medical checkup and received a clean bill of health, you can be certain its the anxiety at work here.

    You can take steps to reduce the anxiety and control it. Different methods work for each person - some find engaging in activities (e.g. sports, crafts, painting) to be helpful in distracting them from the anxious thoughts, some find medication helps to calm them down, some find talking and being able to relate to those who understand and support them without judgement to be helpful. Its all about trying which method, or a combination of methods, that works for you.

    Keep posting here, let us know how it works out for you. Hugs!

  • thank you for your help and i will keep on here , everyone has been so kind with there posts i thank you all x

  • Just want to say that many herbal and homeopathic remedies can work wonders. The big pharmaceutical companies dont like this as they are losing money which is why the EU is trying to ban a lot of herbal medicine. If you are feeling constantly anxious try some breathing excercises. Yoga may help you overcome it . Also cut out stimulants like coffee. Drink soothing herbal tea like cammomile and take brewers yeast every day or vitamin B complex. At night drink a milky horlicks . Try and find the trigger which sets off your anxiety and work on curing yourself by dealing with the feelings. If you take tablets from the GP you may end up on them for life and all they do is mask the symptoms and play havoc with your long term health. Good luck, stay positive x

  • thank you for your advice i shall try the b complex again i was using that before x

  • Yes, I like your thoughts Optimistic9 ! I believe that my diet and coffee intake Really affects my level of anxiety and worry ! I take 5HTP and since doing that almost every day I believe that I am less anxious than in recent past - this has worked for me - I can't say for you. I also have stopped other angst producing activities, which helps. Breathing and meditation is really good for me - along with walking ! Exercise is hard for me to start yet morning stretches have been helpful, too. Hope some of these ideas in the various replies are positive for you Hedgeo ... take good care and later, RealEyes **

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