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Just wanna sleep

Hi All,

Anyone else get this? I'm so tired that I'm starting to drop off and yet, panicing a bit and fighting the urge to sleep because I'm aware of dropping off. I can't get my mind off it, so that's making it worse.

Oh, I'm quite certain it is sleep, rather than passing out. There is a difference. But the anxiety is not helping and I'm getting more and more tired and fighting it harder.

Plus I think I might have a stomach ulcer, which is causing tightness in the stomach from wind and continuous belching. This has woken me up in the middle of the night before. It probably was the start of the panic attacks three months ago, making me think it was a heart attack. But I'm scared to drop off for fear of waking later with the discomfort of the stomach. Just going round in circles aren't I?

Any thoughts?

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Hi freecks.

Are you on anti depressant's ?.

If you are these things may be as a result of them !.,they tend to make you tired and also sometimes, cause acid reflux.

I have just gone back on meds myself ,and get the tiredness ,and upset stomach .


Hi bepete,

Yes, I'm on Zoloft as well as other medication for other afflictions. Yeah, I just think at the moment with all the anxiety, panic attacks, medications, dietary supplements, my poor old system is losing the battle and can't keep up.

She's breaking up Capn!

No, no, should be: It's life Jim, but not as we know it!

Thanks for the reply.



Hello Peter

So sorry your still dealing with this. I had it terrible the other night. It kept waking me up multiple times it was horrible.

Then yesterday I kept feeling lightheaded weak numb hands and like I was gonna pass out. Slept great last nhandstand woke to my anxiety acting up and feeling a little lightheaded today :(

So tired of it.


Yeah, I see you said you had the numb hands. That's freaky, I had it too, last night. :-/


Hi frekks2021,

Iv just been experiencing similiar I was laying down to sleep & kinda felt dizzy as I was really nodding off almost like a pass out feeling , I have also had sore throat & ears , think it was a bit of a viral along with anxiety , I have gone gp & got some anti dizziness stuff , but with my anxiety I worry it's not that & it won't help only started then today , I don't like taking medication. I'm now scared of sleeping, I had to get sleep stuff prior to this but hopefully this will work, we need to try find relaxing stuff to do around bed time, Binkynoo let us know how you are doing,:-)


Hi Binkynoo,

We're all going through this thing together, and it is a tough slog. We all seem to be getting very similar symptoms, albeit with different causes and triggers.

I use the TV as a distraction at the moment and sleep on the lounge with the sleep timer set for an hour. I can put on a DVD sometimes and not even get past the opening titles and I'm off to Wizard of Oz land!

Last night was a bad one, though. I was so exhausted, and drunk some cabbage juice just before bed time. Well, it gave me bad wind and belching and abdominal discomfort to the max. So I was fighting the Sandman cos I didn't want to drop off while having that discomfort.

Eventually, the wind cleared and I nodded off, for a few hours before having to get up and go to work. Tonight is shaping up a bit better...no cabbage juice at bed time! in fact, NO NOTHING within a few hours of beddie byes.

Oh well, that's life as they say.

I hope you can get some sleep, it's vitally important.



Yes, I have this. Have done since childhood. Gets worse when like now I am stressed about something (in this case work). I just keep telling myself everything is ok and that if I miss some sleep it doesn't matter. I existed for months two years ago on less than three hours sleep a night so I know that is true.

The fear of passing out or dying is awful and tiredness makes it worse. Sometimes I read, or write ti distract myself, till I literally fall asleep holding my phone. And it is always ok.

Good luck! -worrymagic


Hi worrymagic,

Thanks for the reply. What more can I say. We're all doin this this gig together, but I wish the band would finish, so we can start packing up!

Hope you're feeling better, and can get some sleep. Less than 3 hours sleep is not good, I don't know how you did it. I'd be a zombie.

Yeah, it does seem to be all ok in the morning, as you say. Seems to always be the night that things go bump in the dark, doesn't it. Then the morning comes, and the monster packs his toys up and goes home for the day.

BUT I hear him grumbling as he heads off, 'I'll see you later, alligator'.




I lost 40 pounds so I got a Colonoscopy, Endoscopy and CT from the belly and it all came out good. So they said I had IBS, which I didn't accept because all I had was tightness on my belly area with no pain. So they said it could be just stress creating the tightness and that I did accept. One thing that did help with the tightness was Pro-Biotics which I never took before. Is not perfect but is much better. ;-) Get well soon. ;-)


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