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2am and can't sleep!!!

It's 2am and I can't sleep, well I did sleep but woke up after 45-60 mins so going to be tired at work. This ear infection has spread to my throat or maybe the anti biotics don't agree with my stomach meds. Heart felt like it's been palpitating most of today and obviously this worries me so lack of sleep and not really hungry....have this horrid taste in my throat so obviously think it's more then just a sore throat (most likely reason...stomach acid meds being affected by anti biotics so stomach acid coming up and not being calmed down as it should hence sore throat and nasty taste) that's logic side but anxiety side and this has been going on pretty much most of the day says ohhhhh it's something more serious GO AWAY ANXIETY....just having my rant as can't explain it to someone that's not gone/going through anxiety issues.

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Oh dear. Sorry you've had such a disturbed night and are feeling so poorly.

Hope you dropped off eventually.

Sounds like a duvet day is called for!!!

Hope you feel better


Morning faded yes managed a few hours sleep could defo use a duvet day but no such luck a long day at work ahead


Morning Evey

Think you could be right the mix of meds not helping you stomach. It is hard work when we are ill and not sleeping as well. I hope you got some sleep last night.

This anxiety is a right pain when we are ill seems to go into over drive, you rant away as this is what the site is for.

Hope your ear infection clears up soon as I am sure it will once the A/B kick in. Then you can tell the anxiety to kick off.

Gardener x


Hi gardener ... Yes it's horrid, we always worry though that's our issue. Only a few more days of anti biotics to go but doesn't seem to be shifting my ear infections grrrr


Hey, I didn't sleep great last night and feeling tired and headachey tonight because of it. I know for a fact it was to do with the clock change. Always messes me up and it takes a body a while to adjust. Yep, anxiety can certainly keep you up half the night! I hope it doesn't keep you up every night.. It's nice the days are getting longer tho so that's something to be positive about :).

Hope you get a better sleep tonight :) x


Hi want always got to try and find the positive, doubt will be a good nights sleep though. I've been taking anti biotics for an ear infection and never had side effects before so read the leaflet that came with it, wish I never had. Think I'll be on the phone to nhs 24 at this rate


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