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Good Afternoon All,

Well more positive than yesterday, have a much smaller list today and bit of pressure taken from me by work and recognition from them that I'm suffering. Only been 4 weeks!

Cookie how are we going to get you to sleep? I go through the same pattern sometimes 72 hours then bang it all catches up with you and that wonderful cycle all kicks in again, then you spend the next 72 fighting to stay awake.

Glad to see that Why Why is up and about, if your tired it's your own fault, spent to long on here last night and you still haven't found the smiley faces.

Hope LM is now settled with his meds, oh how I wish for the ones to make me have a regular sleeping pattern. Been 3 on 3 off since 22:00 yesterday.

Still I'm positive at the moment so let's start on the jobs before lethargy and the desire for caffeine takes over.




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15 Replies

  • Hi

    NOOOO its not me thats tired lol

    I am ok , well as ok as a whywhy can be

    I am pleased to see you sounding more positive

    Remember , keep your list so you can manage it , dont over do it (says me )


  • Yes Why Why,

    Advice taken. List down to 3 today, including 1 broken down into smaller chunks. Got to fit in another trip to the library in though but that will be on tomorrows.



  • Well done you (winking face )

    You are doing really well , thats the way to go , you see I see an improvement in you already !


  • So glad your spelling's good today!

    Thanks Why Why, really do appreciate the comments and the thoughts that go with them.

    Will have to see what tomorrow brings.




  • Dont hold your breath on the spelling mate LOL xxx

  • Shut up you lol

    mate & get to sleep lol


  • im going now, ive come over all tired coz i was thinkin of doing some housework lol xxx

  • I stayed of today till my brain was more engaged , so I didnt slip , having said that spelling isnt what I am good at lol they should have a spell checker on here for people like me lol

    Yes we will deal with tomorrow when it comes & carry on with today (she says ) lol


  • Why Why,

    Seen how happy you are about Will i am!

    Any of your nearest and dearest on o2?

  • Hiya,

    yes im still awake lol. I used to do night shifts so i cant get it back to normal and stay normal. you are right about the kick in then struggle to stay awake and then it all goes breasts north again. i might as well be on the magic roundabout lol xxx

  • Hi Cookie,

    Beginning to think that coming of night shifts has brought my cycle back into being. I changed over fairly dramatically 6 months ago, add travel and living out of a bag and all imploded. Are you still working or 'resting' at the moment?

    I've been that bad this week falling asleep watching DVD's, off to bed and then just stay awake, try to read then next thing I know it's the afternoon.

    Feel much better today though.



  • I quit in january, couldnt take it anymore, was on 12 hr nights 3 days then 12 hr days weekends. that and the biatches i worked with, no thankyou sir lol. i lost all confidence in myself and turned into a shut in.

    Im on my second run of all 8 seasons of criminal minds. i need to sort it before next week as im looking after my daughters cats. Poor pussies lol xxx

  • Cookie,

    I can never understand who sorts some of these shift patterns out. They either have never had to work them or well what can you say.

    Mine wasn't as bad as your one but did work a day pattern that was horrendous and brought an end to one relationship. I finished nights am on the Saturday and went straight to days at 08:00 Monday but with a 2 hour journey, managed it all quite well I thought then... well now I'm struggling with that wonderful cycle.

    I'm cat sitting this weekend, how many are you looking after?


  • only 2, im their granny, they are the kids of one of mine. ive got 24 xxx

  • I thought the 8 I used to live with were a lot.

    Still I'm just looking after the 1, far to travel or just around the corner.

    Hopefully we will be sunning ourselves in the garden weather permitting.

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