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Hi everyone, I was just wondering whether anyone gets frustrated with the amount they sleep, which then makes them sleep less? Let me explain... Take last night as an example. OK, so the hot weather doesn't help, but basically I went to bed and I was already (for some unknown reason) stressing about not going to sleep, possibly because I had already assumed that the hot weather was going to keep me awake. I then get into this really annoying routine where, if I started to doze off, my mind then notices I'm dozing off, and then that wakes me up again!! And it happens over and over and over and over and over (you get the idea) again, until eventually, hours later, one time I don't notice and I drift off to sleep. The longer it goes on the more stressed about not having enough sleep I get... I even had a day off today so it's not as if I had the pressure of needing to get up for work!! Problem is, after all this has happened I end up getting about 3 hours sleep, so I start worrying that the next night will be no better... and I have work tomorrow. It's a vicious cycle I guess and a damn frustrating and (ironically) tiring one as well.

Obviously all of this fuels the anxiety (things to me always seem more amplified when I'm tired) which can then... yeah... make you sleep less.

I was wondering whether this, or having sleep issues in general, was something common in anxiety sufferers? I used to get panic attacks at night-time too which obviously affected my sleep considerably, but this more recent trend is just driving me up the wall! An obsession with not sleeping leading to not sleeping... you couldn't make it up...



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  • Hello you, I used to get these episodes much every day almost, my mind thinking if I sleep I wouldn't breath anymore and my heart will stop, hated it but by time I get rid of it, I drink herbal time before sleeping every day and it does help to be honest. now i still have it from time to time, but it comes in a different face, like my mind is telling me that I am not breathing and then I panic and have a massive panic attack. it does ease by time. it does have many faces, like today I feel tight chest and I take deep breath all the time and that makes dizziness worse than normal!!!! ANXIETY IS A HORRIBLE FEELING

  • Hi rouri, yeah i've had the breathing thing too, it's almost like I have to concentrate on my breathing otherwise i won't breathe... I used to get similar things, gladly the panic attacks at night have subsided a lot these days but i remember them vivdly, you're right it is HORRIBLE!!

  • I go off like a light but wake at 3 or 4 am in a panic, then drift back off only to resurface panicing half an hour later. This carrys on until I give up trying to sleep by 5:30 am and sit up and read. That seems to calm me down.

    My sleeping is always far worse in the summer and very bad in hot weather like now.

  • Hi bramwell, yeah the hot weather doesn't help... i think last night it took me until about 2 to get to sleep at all, then woke up at 4.30... then just as i felt like i might sleep i had to get up for work, always the way! Think i might have to try and distract myself with reading or something too.

  • Hi, I used to panic at night time when I had to go to appointments etc. I also used to panic about getting enough sleep, I still do, if I am out of my comfort zone, holidays, or staying at friend's house. I hate having one disturbed night, as the next day I sleep more, then end up with a headache. Luckily I am retired and don't worry as much.

    Have you tried visualisation cd's or a story telling on relaxation, I love them and never hear the end of them?

  • Hi ecinue, yeah I think the crux of it is panicking that i'm not sleeping enough, which of course makes you not sleep... that's the vicious cycle i guess. Thanks for the ideas i will try some of those out :)

  • HI, i do the same when i notice im dosing off, its so annoying so i always go to bed with relaxation music which helps distract my mind from focusing on dozing off. you could also try valerian from holland and barrett, i get the liquid form which is much stronger than the tablets, start off with just one drop and see how you go, you dont want to sleep to much or you will sleep in and be late for work. x

  • Thanks Sam, i will look into that. I have plenty of relaxation music as well, i just fear that if I do something 'different' it'll make it worse, which i know is nonsense because it couldn't be much worse!! lol yeah don't want to be late for work...although that would also have its benefits!!

  • HI, I had exactly the same last night. I then lay there getting more anxious, my body feels jumpy. Had to take day off work today. I wouldn't wish anxiety on anyone but it's reassuring to know I'm not the only one with it. Everyone else looks so normal and happy.

  • Hi duckula yeah it's horrible, 3 nights in a row now :( hoping if it gets cooler that'll help. You're defintely not the only one, that's why this site is so great. Hope you have a better night tonight.

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