Can't sleep?

Hi. So, since December of 2015 I've had this sickness thing where every night I'd get a nauseous feeling and cannot sleep. The only few ways to fix it is to sit up against my headboard on my bed and sit in the dark. I sit and try to relax. Sometimes I'd even fall asleep that way and not move at all.

The first time this happened to me was petrifying. I'm the type of person that HATES barf. I don't like seeing it, hearing it, smelling it, tasting it, or doing it. Nada. Anyways, I was up for about four to five hours calming myself. I even woke my parents. At first, all I did was breath and play on my phone. I had to control my mind on something other than getting sick(mind you again that I'm scared of barfing). I found that I cannot lay down in any way until I feel calm and alright. I can't lay on my stomach or side, only sat up.

If someone can, please help me. I'm only 16 and I know I'm healthy. I walk/run often, I may have gained some weight here and there(might be the main reason for all of this?), I drink and eat healthy foods, and I get about 7 hours of sleep on weekdays. This sickness is so constant and it's making me want to cry. It's a very weird thing and I'm scared that it can be dangerous in some way.

Thanks for reading :)


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9 Replies

  • Hi . It does suck going through that. I say this because I go through a similar thing . My anxiety has me still at my family's house ..nervous to move out again :/ . I'm a tad older by the way lol haha. Anyways, I think you're fine sweetie . I get this completely anxious feeling in my gut , sometimes nausea when I pms , all due to anxiety though. I'd say play some relaxation tapes , turn off the tv & maybe put the phone on the table & on silent & try to relax. I usually had leaned on my mom to help calm me down (I don't recommend) ..only because you don't to use her as a crutch , you want to be a warrior lol & do it on your own. I too have to sleep in a certain position at first to ease the anxiety . Soooo because I don't know the health history too well & im not a dr , I'll say consult with your dr or mom first to tell her about it , but I drink Pure cherry juice ( 8oz glass worth) or I make a little cup of chamomile tea to help sometimes not always lol but sometimes. But mostly the nature tapes & guided meditation distracts me & helps ease the queasiness-anxious feeling in my gut. I know you'll be anxiety-free! Believe it & strive to get to that point !! You're young so you got this!! Don't let it get you sad , I know it sucks , it does but you'll be fine 💞😊 if you try any of these methods let me know if it works ..anxiety is a crazy ball of crap but there are ways to get over that !

  • Thank you so much. I am not completely cured over this issue but I just want to say for right now that I know more medicines I can take. I know that this issue contains to acid reflux. It's not as much anxiety. I am now making a list of things I consume before I go to bed, which isn't much. At night, I usually sit up in my bed and listen to my fan, and my fan only. Or maybe also my head in a twirl because I think a lot. My room is pitch black too. I sit there and try to fall asleep. Sometimes I'd even fall asleep then and there and four hours later wake up and fix myself. By that time, my stomach is fine and I can sleep correctly. My main goal is to be as calm as can be while going to rest. Thanks for everybody's opinions and help. I appreciate it so so much. 🙂❤️

  • Oh great!! Yes I have acid reflux too lol I always forget that that itself could annoy us & have us up at night. I'm glad you were able to figure out what was going on. I should take notes from you . I tend to eat late & plus I looooove spicy food , being part Caribbean & also I love Indian food lol but I probably should stay away. But don't have to thank me , I like this energy of support on here lol 😊

  • Hi Hippiee, I've had a similar problem. It might be that you just have acid reflux. That acts similar to what you are feeling. You should see your Dr. Sometimes just not eating about 3 hrs before bedtime or not eating greasy or spicy foods might help. There are acid reducers that you can try, but not s long term answer. Also raising the head of your bed a little. Extra weight gain can also make it worse. Not fun to have that problem, but worrying can make it worse. See your Dr. Good luck.

  • Yeah , I don't want to get like my doctors & blame every tiny thing I have on anxiety because every tiny thing isn't sometimes. I forget about things like acid reflux or sinus issues. I should see my dr about both .

  • I can get acid reflux if I eat too much or the wrong things even if I eat 6 hours or more hours before bedtime. It is surprising what a difference a tiny tablet once a day before breakfast can do. Haven't felt this good for over a year. Please see your Dr.

  • Definitely go to your doctor. It could be a simple thing that could be fixed with some acid reflux tablets.. Put some music on your phone, headphones in, have a squeezed lemon on its own , no water or sugar and lay down. Lemon will definitely help. Do you feel dizzy at all?

  • Yea I'm definitely recommending going to the doctor. And no I don't feel dizzy. I usually have a one year visit but I think I should go soon. It might just be acid reflux. The problem is the last tim I eat is at dinner and that's from 5-6PM. At most times I drink a little bit of water before I go to bed but that makes it worse. Last night, the time I wrote my issue, I had to sit up and do my thing again. Thanks for your help :)

  • Hiya

    I've had sleep problems for years and in the end I just said to myself, hey, if I can't sleep might as well do something nice instead, so now I read in the early hours when I'm awake, got myself a comfy chair in my bedroom with nice lamp and a radio I can plug my iPod into. It might not be reading for you, but for me the key was stopping fighting sleeplessness. Like one of the respondents said, eating late can cause acid reflux for which there are remedies like omeprazole you can get from your gp, I've been on it for years with no problems. Also, I've read that the blue light from phones and tablets can exasperate sleep problems and it is good to avoid them for a n hour or so before going to be. I don't like camomile tea but my cousin swears by it when she can't sleep.

    Wishing you well xxx

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