Can't sleep

It's me again! This is my third post so far, I suppose this is somewhere to off load. Can't sleep these nights, get into bed tired but anxiety starts pouring in and overwhelming me, have that awful knotted feeling in my tummy that is persistent! I feel dread about everything, I fear tomorrow/next wk/next month/next year...I'm finding myself looking at people in the street wondering how they are managing to survive or how they have managed to survive everything that life has to throw at us. I can genuinely say I feel like I want to give up, just curl up in a ball and let the world go by and just stop. The only thing keeping me not doing that is my daughter. Recently the urge to just stop is becoming harder to fight. I seem to be constantly fighting my way through my anxieties and lows. Just want to stop.


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  • You sound exactly like me ...the only thing that keeps me pushing thru is my daughter as well...Some days are just so hard but I must say since finding this site I have found some relief in reading others stories...

    I truly hope you feel better soon. ...If you need someone to talk to I'm here :)

    Take care


  • Hi jclayton, I'm sorry that you are experiencing these feelings. I also understand as I've experienced them too. I tried every natural thing to avoid taking meds to help me. I didn't want to deal w/side effects. I tried all the techniques therapists shared with me and some of them worked but they were temporary fixes. one day I had surgery and my surgeon prescribed me a pain med to help w/nerve trauma from the surgery. this med also helped me w/my insomnia cuz I had problems sleeping. It also helped me w/my anxiety like what you are experiencing. I used to have the fear attacks that would almost send me into a panicky feeling. it was aweful. like you, I had a difficult time thinking about how I would make it the next day in society. I thought about quitting my job of 28 years, how i could retire on disability. after taking this med I sleep all night long. I don't have the anxiety feeling anymore. although once in a while, I'll get this small urge as if it may be trying to creep up on me but it doesn't. I thank God for this med cutz it works for me. I think clearer now that I get sleep. the name of the med is Amitriptyline HCL, this is the generic name. it works for me and I take a low dosage . I'm not advocating to take meds but I stumbled across this one and it happens to work for me. Hope you feel better. Pls hang I here for the sake of you and your daughter and all the people in your life who care about you. These are the things I have to say to myself to keep me together and of course I pray.

  • Hi it is an anti depressant I am glad you found something that works!

  • know how you feel im a golden oldie and now lousy wi nerves and nausea bad nights etc wish i could put you all ok its so hard isnt it trying a new thing called mindfulness might help you its a website by paul david me

  • hi there j clayton i myself get really bad anxiety attacks were it gets to the point i wonder if its worth carrying on ! i think of who would be hurt my wife,sister and my parents ! have been to your doctor yet if not please do go he is best placed to advise you how to best to treat you dont try to self medicate as this could make matters worse i. wish you all the best david !

  • I know exactly how you feel.

    I'm a single mom to an awesome 4 yr old lil girl. The past few months I have completely changed my lifestyle. The way I eat and I workout 5 times a week at first it seemed to have been helping with the anxiety as I have it so severe I can't even work right now but some days nothing seems to help. I just want to give up and not try anymore. I'm exhausted. I'm so fed up with anxiety making me to tired. I any deal with it most days.

  • I understand your pain am on flouexatine at the moment but had bad anxiety with it so on propananol as well am 6 week in now and juzt feel so exahusted and fed up ..but we have to keep fighting for our loved ones

  • How much Fluoxetine did you take? I just started last week at 10 mg.

  • I feel you on that. I have to hang on for my son who only has me.

  • Thank you all for replies, it's helpful to know you're not on your own and others feel similar. I often feel guilty for complaining about anxiety, it all sounds so menial when I say all my worries out loud, In comparison to what others suffer.

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