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Still Can't sleep!

The anxiety wouldn't let me get to sleep so I tried another diazepam, having just got them today from the dr's. Still can't sleep. I think they've helped a little to take the edge off the anxiety, but my mouth is so dry and I'm still lying in bed feeling exhausted but can't sleep due to the waves of anxiety. This is driving me mad, as I just don't know what to do with myself without waking up the house again! Writing this blog post is the only thing I can think of to try and divert my attention from how I feel.

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Hello Haze : )

So pleased the diazepam have taken the egde of the anxiety. I understand the insomnia you are experiencing .

Honest, if you can keep occupied matter what the time it is , then it could be you will sleep when ready.

The worse thing we can do is try to force sleep ...and so if you are happy and settled then I shouldn't worry.

If you are on any other medication then maybe it is a case of getting used to how the other medication affects you ? For example, when I used to take A/D's they did make me animated and a little anxious. And so keeping busy for me was important. I did try to force sleep and it was futile and hard work.

Because the A/D medication was animating me and causing me anxiety I did stop them . But they were a Godsend at first since they did help me pick up.

Diazepam are useful too. But because they are habit-forming, I did ration them for evenings only.

Hope this helps a bit. Have a good evening. Swanlinnet : )


Well I am now anxiously (literally) waiting on my brother arriving from scotland. He is taking me away for the weekend to my mums, so she can look after me and I can concentrate on myself. I am completely useless to everyone in my house like this at the moment. I may need another diazepam for the journey, but I am determined to get there and get some support so I can come back down to Birmingham and be a normal wife and mother again. Surely when anxiety comes on you so out the blue like this it can leave you out the blue too? I know that's what happened on holiday in December. First 5 days were spent with severe anxiety and couldn't sleep, was even going to go and see a dr over there (america). Eventually I succumbed to my situation. I was on holiday nothing I could do but try and get on with it and enjoy it, and when I came to this realisation, the anxiety finally lifted. Maybe I need to accept how I am feeling and stop being afraid of how I'm feeling.

Haze x


Hello Haze, just read your report, you sound like me to a tee!! My anxiety came on completely out if the blue only 4 weeks ago, obviously I analized it all and think I have come up with what brought it on. Amongst a few other issues I decided the main problem was it suddenly hit me that I am grieving for my dear mum who passed away just over a year ago. All the anxiety feelings that you are experiencing are exactly the same as me. My doc prescribed 2mg of diazapam , to take only one before bed, I did this for a week then last mon she told me to stop as she knew I was very reluctant to take any kind of tablets, I want to sort this all out without any drugs. I am finding that talking it out is the best way and even more important is keeping occupied. I joined my local health club this week and have been swimming 3 times, in fact I find I am better out of the house than in. I don't feel 100% yet but I feel I am getting there, it's a case of one step forward and 2 back, so long as I get back to my old self I don't care, that's all I want as I am sure you do as well. I also find if I can get rid of tears I feel better, as I am writing this now I know before the day is out I will need a good cry and that relieves a bit of the anxiety. This is a horrible horrible condition, thing is no one else can see whats going on inside your head, only you know what it feels like and it's not nice. Sorry I have rambled on a bit Haze but hope you read this and know you are not alone.from miss fluff, bit of a silly name but that's all I could think of when I joined this site a couple of weeks ago! It was a name I used years ago when CB's were the rage!! xx


Melatonin works for me x


Hi haze, only jst seen ur question. frm som1 who is also on diazepam u may b on to low a dose 4 u, Drs really dnt like 2 prescribe these bcause of how addictive u r, it does also depend on ur age as this lowers the dose they will prescribe u. i wldnt recomend diazepam 2 sleep, i only take mine as + wen needed bcause of the addiction + i also suffer frm rebound anxiety/depression bcause ive got a sensitivity problem wiv meds. theres an anthisthamine commonly used 4 anxiety + sleep problems called hydroxazine its got a very good sedative + is a lot safer wiv a lot less side effects. like i said im on diazepam myslf + r brilliant 4 a crisis or short term use but shld not b taken longer than a couple of wks so im presumin uve only bin given these short term but plse blieve me theres lots of alternative medicines they can give u. i know how awful it is not 2 b able 2 sleep, hope u soon get bck 2 normal sleeping. if u need any hlp just message me as i know quite a lot of the meds used 4 anxiety + insomnia, not bein a know it all jst really want 2 hlp. kindest regards leeanne.x


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