Anxiety symptoms?

I'm under an extreme amount of stress daily. I'm a single mom to a special needs child. I feel anxious and stressed everyday and I constantly have physical symptoms. Weird head sensations, rapid heart beat, the feeling of shaking on the inside, chest pain, feeling like I'm gonna die, and now facial numbness. Or I wouldn't even say numbness but like certain areas of my face feel tight, that may be a better way to explain it. Do these sound like anxiety symptoms??


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  • Yes.....I experience the tightness of the face symptom constantly......and feel like God is telling me I'M about to die all the time. I just seen my therapist for the first time and I felt better when I left but an hour later I'm right back at the same fear.

  • It sucks. The anxietycomesand goes as it pleases

  • They do sound very much like a mom stressed to the max DominiqueA1024. You've got a lot going on in your daily life and I would think you don't get much time if any to relax for a few minutes. Your bodily symptoms are just reacting to the stress you are feeling. It is not life threatening but distressing to feel that way. Your muscles are tight all over. Your face tends to be from holding the stress in your jaw area. Adrenaline is going wild in your body producing the shakiness. These are definitely anxiety symptoms at it's best. Try taking out some time in the evening before bed to meditate and deep breathe. It may sound like hogwash but your body needs to escape from the stressful day so that you can get a good night's sleep where you will go into a restful calm allowing your nerves and muscles to regenerate. It may help put your life into prospective...Breathe Dominique slow and easy deep breathes throughout the day will help ease the mind and body into some calm. x

  • Nope zero time to myself. Only time I get is while he's in school 3 hours.. I have anxiety all through out the day but my panic attacks tend to happen at night before bed when I try to relax

  • I believe that Dominique. All the stress of the day is piled high bringing on the panic attacks because your mind already knows tomorrow will be the same. I've been through the same thing and what I can suggest is what I do. I use relaxation both before falling asleep, when waking up in the morning as well as 5-10 minutes of Meditation/Deep Breathing in the afternoon. Maybe you can squeeze that in for just that short time when he is in school. It will give you that little break in the day for you to continue on til bedtime.

    It may not sound like much but that little escape in the afternoon will kind of break the cycle of anxiety building. I wish you well, moms need to take care of themselves as well as their children. Try giving yourself some "me" time. Enjoy a cup of tea, coffee (decaf) and a cookie That helps me :)

  • Thank you , I'll try that 🙂

  • Is dizziness also an anxiety symptom?

  • Vertigo isn't but a full off balanced light headed feeling can be from stress. Sometimes inner ear plays a part in feeling dizzy. There's others on the forum who have experienced an ear problem.

    I use to get that cloudy lightheaded feeling from anxiety. It helped when I started learning how to breathe properly so that I wasn't hyperventilating. Also hydrating enough helps with everything.

  • I know I don't stay hydrated enough. It's only happened to me one last week. It was at night I wAs sitting down watching tv and I got the weird sensations I normally get but when I got up I felt off balance. I wouldn't completely say dizzy . More like off balance and weird

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