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Strange things

Funny, the titles on all the open tabs in my browser aren't what they might've been months ago. I just noticed and it hit me, is this really me? Things like Breathing properly, Health Unlocked, vitamins, oxygen levels, when anxiety strikes, yellow toenails..... what? yellow toenails?? Ok I just noticed my toenails are a BIT yellow, not much, so anxiety ridden ol me has gotta go and google it.

Who cares if my toes fall off! I got worse things to worry about than that! That's what anxiety and panic does to you.

Anyone else find that they have heaps more tabs open than normal and all the headings are related to anxiety? We all have lots in common, do we share this too?

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I am an admin on Living with Anxiety & just saw your question

We have all been moved on to the new HU design on HU

I think at the moment there are a few teething problems occurring

If you have any problems that don't seem to be resolving themselves if you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see it says" Help center "

Press on that & to the right side of the page it will say email us

Press on that & it will take you to a form

Fill it in selecting technical problems as your option

HU do receive all reports & will look into these & hopefully they will be resolved soon :-)

I hope this may help a little bit :-)

Take Care





Hi 1whywhy,

Thanks for the reply and the advice. I think you may have miss read me though. I was just saying how this anxiety causes us to do things, like continually surfing the web searching about our symptoms and troubles. I must've had 20 tabs (not 100,000!) open when I wrote that and all but two, Facebook and Hotmail, were about anxiety subjects.

Meaning, I'm getting (or got) paranoid about the slightest symptom and wanting to google it to make sure it's not a symptom of something worse. Or wanting to find anything, any shread of hope that there is a way out of this hell.

Months ago, the titles on the tabs, instead of being about anxiety or health issues, would've been, say, aviation, Star Trek, cruises, flights, roller coasters, holidays and all that nice stuff!

When I wrote the post, there was an option below to select 'post' or 'question' so I can see I should've selected 'post'. There are no problems with the site.

Thanks again.



Hi Peter

Glad to hear you are not having problems with the site ,, a few of us are , but if you do in future you can still follow what I said to do , you never know it may come in handy :-/

Sounds like with your anxiety you have HA ?

I have & do suffer with HA & used to Google everything & guess what , I thought I had everything to , more than before I went on searching

People with anxiety will always zoom in on the worse case scenario & run with it believing that is what is wring with them , we forget Google does not have our medical records , age , etc to make a judgement unlike our doctors do :-/

When I joined HU there were & still are a few of us with HA & we suggested that a day at a time we would keep of Google & come on here & say hello instead

I have stuck with that & do you know I am not totally cured from this fear but it has made me a lot better by keeping away from Doctor Google :-/

Give it a go , just a day at a time & when you feel yourself about to ask Dr Google something come on here or any other HU site you are a member of & talk to us instead , worth a try -/

Take Care



Hello Peter

I was very interested in your post when I read it because that's all me.

I must have had a million tab open and each and every single one had to do with anxiety or my heart or stomach. It's a terrible thing and I wish I could wave a magic wand and make this horrible thing disappear for us all.

Hope you have a great day


Hi Donna,

Yeah I thought it may have been a common thing with us. I really don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing to be doing it, though. I've learned a lot, but it may have contributed to the anxiety. BUT I just don't know if it has or has not.

I am having an attack right now and I think it's a leftover from last night's one. It's under control and clearly not as bad as the worse ones a couple of weeks ago, that got me up to the ER.

And you know, I haven't even been to see any therapists yet. I'm presuming that when I do, I should do even better than what I can do just on my own.

Here is an interesting Aussie show called Insight. This one is about anxiety. Of course it would be, one of those open tabs. LoL!

Worth a watch. It's usually a good show, even when they're discussing other topics.

Ok, two of those tabs were Hotmail and Facebook, so they weren't ALL about anxiety. And I think I only had about 100,000 tabs open, not a million! LoL!

The attack is starting to subside a little now, thankfully.

Hope you're doin ok too.



Hey hey Peter

Sorry to hear your having an attack :( what were your symptoms this time?

I'm having somewhat of a better day had a mini attack this morning.

Slept really good finally but had an attack before bed thought I was gonna need the ER but did my deep breathing and it didn't last long thankfully.

Yeah I really don't think it's a good idea for us to google our symptoms as its made my anxiety much worse.

I have promised myself that I will not google anymore of my symptoms just anxiety stuff and how to help myself.



I had the normal symptoms, though not as severe. It actually woke me up.Probably a bit of the gut thing, shortness of breath, shaky, leading to uncertainty about what it is, therefore getting anxious. Once you're on that ride, like a roller coaster, you can't just get off at the top of the hill, you gotta go through the loop!

Just getting up, breathing, pacing, telling the demon where he can go, helped. And taking the focus off a bit by writing these replies.

Can you believe I was even googling yellow toenails?? Seriously, they aren't even that yellow. What are we going to do with ME?

Yeah, gotta stop on the symptoms and concentrate only on the cure.

Hope you're having a nice afternoon. 5.20 am Tuesday here, time for brekky. I've been up for about an hour now.



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