STOPPPPPPP ( sorry for caps)

Hi all, sorry to rant but enough is enough, we have turned this site into a war zone, we are all here as we are united in one thing, Anxiety x some may have offshoots like ocd some may have been ill years others just beginning but we all have stories to tell. And we can all help each other to fight this thing and return to normal life x We can also unite in getting this site back on track and stop those "trolls" from winning, as that's what they are doing now, they are winning x They are more than likely sitting there thinking look at them all having a go at innocents making there anxiety make them more paranoid than normal x Im not saying these trolls don't need outing we shall do that but if we feel there is someone to watch say it quietly until we are sure lets keep it light and nice xx Donna x


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  • Hi Donna,

    I think the like of Whywhy leaving it's made us all a bit feisty. I agree. We need to wait and be sure before we rush into anything. We can't be sure that some of the suspects are real, genuine people who need our support. And it doesn't look good on us if we misinterpret them, it will put off new people from joining too.

    Gentle (((hugs)))

    Fay :) xxxx

  • Hi Fay x As you said it put us on edge with Why as it was a shame to see a genuine person have to go, but how many more are going to if we carry on, people need help and if I was joining this site now i would be leaving as fast x We cannot assume everyone is a troll and many seem to be joining each day. Back to what we try to do best x Hugs to you also xx Donna x

  • Well said Donna, ive hit your recommend button is this like the like button on facebook?

    Jules x

  • Hi Jules, I dont really know if its the same, I assume it is lol x :) Donna x

  • Agree, i am tired of it all, x



  • It is tiring Bonnie x We all want to chat and be friendly and talk about our good and bad days not reset the war button each day x Hope your day has been good x Donna x

  • Well said Donna

    Bev x

  • Ty x Hyper x

  • It would be so nice to get back to the way we were.... I miss it. Julie xx

  • Agreed:) xx

  • Hi, we need to stop this bickering on this site , personally this has made my anxiety issues worse , this site is a godsend for me with coping with my anxiety.

    Please everyone lets get back to supporting each other.


  • I am sorry but this site has meant a lot to me.When my brother was dying it was a source of great support.But having come back after a few months of great distress,I find this place is now just one of utter devastation.Therefore I am leaving and thank you all for your help in the past.Love xxx

  • i don't come on here often enough to be clued up on the goings on that have been happening. what ever the issue is people need to realise they were bought to this site for one reason. everyone was looking for someone, anyone to share their story with so they didn't feel alone. now I hear certain members have left because of this war of words that's gone on which to me is incredibly sad as said members now don't have the support this site and its members has to offer. think the ones causing the trouble need to back track and see what caused all this in the first instance and try resolve the issues rather than dragging it out any further

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