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I'm sorry guys I've been buisy with the move I just moved into a three bedroom trailer with my kiddos and husband. I went to the doctor and they diagnosed me with panic disorder and agoraphobia and depression and then a week later I got diagnosed with gall bladder stones I need surgery to get it out. What are good suggestions on coping with them all I'm so scared to have this surgery. Never had surgery other than a c section but I was awake. I'm scared of being put to sleep for this I'm afraid of not waking back up. Can someone help me please


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  • My sister had the gold bladder surgery do not worry is easier than the c cection and the recovery is much faster....must of my family had that done..you will be fine

  • Ik but I'm just so scared of being put to sleep

  • I don't like when I have to be completely sedated either. I have been completely asleep for 3 different procedures and have felt fine afterward. I have heard that some people can feel nauseous after but as a person who is very sensitive to all meds, I was fine! Also, they pay very close attention to your vitals when you are put under like that. Try not to worry, and I knit that is easier said than done! But it sounds like a relatively common surgery in which you will not need to be out for long, therefore less medicine needed to sedate you. Remember, there will be so very well trained anesthesiologist administering the drugs and watching your vitals!

  • I have gallstones, but opted not to get the surgery. I do gallbladder cleanses and had to change my diet and that was about 7 years ago. They told me I woukd have to have surgery too but I was scared so I did some research and thisnhas kept my attacks at bay. I have probably had maybe 4 attacks in the last 7 years. All of which were avoidable if I had eaten better.

  • Hi

    Sorry to hear of all your health issues, it can seem all too much sometimes but you will get through it. I was agoraphobic for several years but it was the pain of the gallstones that drove me to get out and seek help. I had worked as a operating theatre nurse before I became ill and although scared of the not waking up, I knew this was an irrational fear as I had assisted in hundreds of operations where people were fully sedated and they all woke up and were fine afterwards. My operation to remove the stones was fine, a bit of pain afterwards but the relief from no longer having the daily pain attacks from the gallstones was immense.

    It helped me turn my life around and I was able to overcome the agoraphobia and the panic attacks and eventually I was able to return to full time work.

    I hope you can go through with the operation as it will really help, talk to the doctors and anesthesiologist about your fears and they will help you through it, good luck and best wishes

  • Laparoscopic gall bladder is easy you will be fine. It's the attitude you go in with that makes it positive or negative experience.

  • Thanks

  • Awe I can't even imagine how your feeling but I know you will be just fine as a lot of people have had this surgery.

    Have you told your dr your fear? I think talking to the dr will help put your mind at ease. Take care and let us know how your doing :)

  • Thanks so much. I meet with the surgeon tomorrow morning

  • Hello I to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. Don't worry you'll be fine I also had my gall bladder removed it's a simple procedure now days you'll be in and out fast . God is with you. Michelle

  • Thank you hun

  • This is a common surgery. I've known people who had it. Nothing bad happened.

  • Thanks

  • Hi Kitty. Know where you're coming from. The idea of being totally at the mercy of strangers( surgeon and nurses) terrified me the first time I was totally sedated and operated on. But you really will be in good hands. They are all professionals. Tell them how nervous you feel and they will help you. One nurse held my hand until I had totally gone under. You'll be fine xx

  • Thank you so much and I will tell them

  • Don't worry, you don't remember going to sleep and there is no sense of time- the next thing you know, you are opening your eyes again. Try and relax.

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