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When will this end

I feel a constant air bubble around my head like it is squeezing my head. And I can't think or focus or study. And its becoming a problem now. Also, I sometimes think I see creepy witch like ghosts but I feel its more my imagination. And I also sometimes see white lights and black lights in my periphery. I think I am losing my mind. Please someone helppp

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I understood what does it. it is because of anxiety, which is telling you that there is something wrong with your head and you are loosing your mind, you go mad, these all are the symptoms of Anxiety, because of your tired mind which is continuously thinking about these symptoms. Dont worry you will be cured but this cure is not one night process. it takes time but you have to belief that you will cure.

i am having these symptoms now aswell but i dont care, i know these are because of my tired mind.

If you have time then must read the book '' At Last A life'' by Paul David. i have read this book, after reading this book i came to know what was with me..

stay bless and dont loose hope, cure is there.


Thank you. I just don't know what the cure is. I keep having disturbing thoughts that I am going to die and weird creepy scenarios in my mind. What do I do to make it right?


Yes i can understand your feelings. because i had the same condition. I felt i am dying and loosing my mind. One thing keep in your mind that Anxiety is not an illness, it is a condition. This is for sure you don't have any physical problem.

Don't worry you are not alone in this condition, there are many who are suffered. and recovery is for sure for everyone.

Remember whenever you feel happy enjoy that moment, when you are sad then sad,that doesnt matter. That Sad time will pass and good time will come.

And yes, must read the Book AT Last A Life by Paul David.


Muhammad Arif



I am so sorry you are feeling this way. I totally understand what you are going though cause I have had that my entire life… The only thing that helped it go away completely is antidepressant medication.


Hi jennifer hope you are fine.

That is great you are cured with antidepressant, because many people thing these medications are addictive, when you stop taking medicine then the same condition comes back. You are the practical example and all those who are afraid of taking medication can take inspiration from you. Stay Blessed


Arif Marri


Hi airf marri

I wouldn't say I am cured. My depression is so chronic that without antidepressant medication I could not function. I can't begin to tell you how many people think that depression is just a down mood and if you only had good thoughts and be positive you would feel better. People who do not have this crippling disease have absolutely no clue what it feels like to have major depression. I will share with you a day in my life of depression. The instant I open my eyes I feel a deep since of dread and incredible nervous feeling all through my body and It is almost impossible to get out of bed because I don't have the energy or strength to get up. It's' is equal to doing a push when you're extremely ill. When I do push myself out of bed… My own thoughts are loud and scattered as if you have 5 TV sets on all going on at the same time full volume. My vision is effected .. It fees exactly as if you were looking at everything around you through a dirty window and if you walk all these symptoms become intensified. There is a knot in your head equal to having your head stuck between two huge rocks. Than out of the blue your surrounds begin to get far away, you alone with all the symptoms above. It becomes so painful you want die because you cannot escape from this torture . Pain medication cannot rid this hell Going to the ER will not help. You are stuck in this hell and scared that you will never get out of this anguish, this insane feeling. Than you have some family member call your spouse and say if only I get out of the house and talk you would feel better.. They have no clue what is happening in my mind. Than as the doctor tries one antidepressant after another it takes weeks to find combinations of medication that helps. When I find relief , it's not quick,. It takes a long time for all those symptoms and some never go way complexly . They become less intense. Antidepressants do not complexity take all my depression away. So it's not truly a cure. If it wasn't for antidepressant I could not live through those symptoms. So you see for me depression is much more than just a mood.

I thank you for reaching out me and asking how I am doing…

Blessing to you, Jennifer


Hi Jennifer sorry to hear that,

i can understand these feelings and are so disturbing, even you loose your interest in doing things which you used to enjoy. But let me tell you Do not hesitate of doing the things which you used to enjoy.

" If you hear a voice within you say ' YOU CANNOT PAINT' then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced." Vincent Van Gogh

Jennifer you will never get better until you stop trying to get better, just forget about your condition and enjoy with your family and friend. i know it is difficult but its not impossible. you can do it. and importantly Anxiety is not and illness its a condition. Then relax you will get better very soon.

Regards and stay Blessed



I thank you for your well meaning advise. I appreciate it a lot. Yes, you are right anxiety is a condition ( of depression which is an illness, and chronic depression is a life time struggle. A major depression episode . You cannot function as I explained my symptoms. I total understand when someone who as never experienced major depression it 's very difficult to understand the depth of pain. It is beyond torture. But with medication those insane symptoms do disappear , and than I am able to enjoy life. But there are times when the symptoms breaks through , but luckily they do not last long. Medication has saved my life and I am thankful that it does work because there are people which medication does not work .

I do appreciate your time and kindness to give me some well meaning advise. You are a kind person.



thanks jen,

can you plz tell me the effects of medicine, mean how you feel when you take medicine.?


Yes, I will be happy too. The first time I ever started antidepressant a family doctor had prescribed it for me. I hated the symptoms , I had. I felt tired, the weird feeling I had heightened and I felt so medicated. So after two or three days I tossed the antidepressants. Years passed and I became so sick I was catatonic . I could not move but only look out the window. My husband found a top notch psychiatrist . He stared me on Paxil. a antidepressant medication. The same olds feels that I had years ago so I called him. He told me " stay with and ignore those symptoms " 2 weeks later I called him again saying that I am so tired, irritable , nervous . He told again - Said " Stay with it. " So ,I did. About 6 weeks later. I woke up one morning feeling happy, as if I were in heaven. I feeling that I had NEVER felt in my life. I went outside . It was around 6 or 7 am The grass was green, I felt such a well being. I stared at the flowers, They were vivid and bright. My mind was clear, the noises in my was gone. Every thing that looked at was so bright and so clear. All the grey and fog was gone. The dew on the grass looked like diamonds . The trees and grass and the flowers were so bright and so vidid . I twirled around and around in my yard. I was sooo happy and it changed my life so much.

So that's my story and I often think about that day. I will never forget that feeling.

All my very best to you,


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Thanks for your kind reply Jan.


I wish you well, and if you have any feelings of anxiety. I will pray that it goes away from you no matter how you go about treating it. We all have to do what is best for us.

All my best to you,


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Thanks Jen. May you Live Happy..



How have you been feeling the pass few days ? I hope you're doing well. . I hope that you have tranquilly with peace ,and love living in every corner in your heart JJ


I am doing fine.. but sometimes i feel dizzy and tired.. i am not taking any medicine but thinking to start a course of medicine..


I am not trying to push medication on you, but only tell you how medication changed my life for the better. If you are able to function and still find joy in you life. I would say - Try using other methods for your anxiety however, if your anxiety is so bad that it interferes with you not living your life fully. That's when I would say you may benefit from medication and consider seeing a doctor and together with him or her discuss if medication would be best for you.

However antidepressants take a while to work and you may have some symptoms such as dizziness , and light headed, or feel weird, but if you can just stick with it, all those symptoms will pass, leaving you feeling great, and having a sense of well being. All those symptoms is actually a good sign that it's working and making small changes in you brain , so don't give up on the medication . I am not sure if your psychiatrist will explain that to that's why I am telling you because this was the case with me and my doctor explained all of that and thank God he did, because I may not have stuck with the medication and I am so happy that I did because medication charged my life..

Some of the symptoms that may indicate the medication is not the right fit for you is getting really sick to you stomach or irritability , or if you don't feel any difference at all. The fist medication may not be the right one for you but there are so many to try. So try not to give up on them Give it time to work at least 6 weeks and keep in close contact with you doctor, especially if it's your first time trying antidepressants. A good psychiatrist will get back to you within 24 hours,when you call for any questions you may have, or if you may experience any real unpleasant symptoms that you need to discuss with him or her..

In my experience a good psychiatrist is what I needed.. The only problem is a good psychiatrist tend to be very expensive

But for some people they don't mind not speaking to the doctor until their next appointment which is one month later. But than again maybe you will get lucky and find a doctor that will return you call within 24 hours after calling them. For me I couldn't find one unless I paid them out of my own pocket. That is why I am explaining this to you cause I don't want to see you give up to soon and not get any relief from this pain, because I know all to well what you are going through.

Good luck, let me know how you are doing.



What you are experiencing is your brain changing its chemical reactions, say if you have gone from a gentle cruisey life into a job that requires you to think faster come up with solutions quicker or anything which you have gone beyond the comfort of yourusual thinking patterns, the brain needs to adapt and you can actually physically feel it depending on how what you are adapting to, strange feeling, but normal :)


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