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After putting it off and putting it off, I went to the doctors yesterday and have now got an appointment with a Wellbeing Practitioner through IAPT. The first appointment isn't for a few weeks and I've been told it will last about an hour for the first appointment. Has anyone had an appointment with a Wellbeing Practitioner, I'm trying to find out what to expect.

I first went to my GP at the end of last year so I'm glad I'm FINALLY making a positive steps in trying to sort things out.

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Hi,Wellbeing Practioner is someone specialized in talking therapies.Often is a graduated person in Mental Health, Psychology , Counselling.Don`t worry is something that can help you to wind out your emotions and feelings.Then exploring your inner world, you will learn to love and care about yourself as you are and believe me It`s a personal growth...anyway let me know how It will go


I have not heard this title before but it sounds like someone that will help you to be well in all its connotations both physically and mentally. Perhaps help you to explore strategies that will help you to help yourself. Let u s know how you go.



I am currently seeing a CBT Therapist through the NHS IAPT Service which helps people with anxiety, depression and OCD and other common mental health issues. It is best to be totally honest with them about everything your thoughts and feelings I write everything down and give them it which I think is easier than speaking. At first I was afraid to tell them my true thoughts as I needed to get to know my Therapist first. Now I tell her everything and that way she knows how best to help me and understand what's going on in my mind.


I think they help me look at options but I'm not sure. I did a stress control course through IAPT and found that useful but it was only 6 weeks so after that I went back to how I was!

1darkangel - do you find the CBT useful?


Hi guys.I think sometimes CBT is a bit reductive, but It`s what the Government can afford in NHS. I know that you can receive only 6 sessions ,but there is lot of self help in internet and how to manage your issues in a positive way.It`s something that we have to learn to manage and is not the therapist guidance that change our way of thinking or acting, It`s a personal change and growth, but it takes time and effort ad is an exclusive personal choice, never forget that.


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