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Question for the ladies. Birth control and anxiety?


Been doing a lot of thinking and almost 5 years ago when I just started birth control I also had the first panic attack I'd had since age 13...i wasn't on the pill a full year before I became dissociated and spacey and extra anxious. A friend said she came off birth control and feels it got me thinking...and i started putting all this I'm really thinking all this could be bc of the I went through some horrible stress for sure but I dealt with stress and things much better before the pill...what do you guys think? I mean i was an already anxious person before getting on it and after getting on it I got bad anxiety. Any experiences?

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Hi Chellybean18 , although it was a very long time ago for me, nearly 30 years (I'm just coming up to 60), I came off the pill. Before I came off the pill I actually had awful anger issues, it was horrible, so much so that my hoover and washing machine broke down on the same day and I actually got so mad I kicked a hole in an internal wall, so glad those days are gone, I'm so much calmer now.

The woman doctor I had at the time told me to come off the pill, I duly did so and have never looked back, it's the best thing I ever did. She also recommended I take Evening Primrose Oil which I have been taking ever since.

This certainly sounds like it could be the pill to me.

Wishing you all the very best.

Oh wow! Yes i find that I just dont handle things well anymore. And its been that way since I started it...thank you for answering. I hope to soon find relief :)

You are welcome. I would say to anyone don't take the pill after my experience. Ok, it'll work for some but not everyone.

All the best x

This is so crazy because I was going to do a post like this one. I’m on birth control as well. And I’ve been having anxiety, and it’s to the point where I’m scared to eat in front of people. Even ppl I’m comfortable with. Because when I have anxiety I get nausea, sweating and stiffness in my lower body. And I notice that I lose weight, even making myself eat at times. I eat everyday regardless but it’s not a good feeling sometimes. I had this problem in middle school, but when I got on the pill it came back, but more aggressively.

Yes omg. My first week on the pill brought back all my old anxieties as well. Ive been on it almost 5 years though and never felt right...hard to explain :/ how long have you been taking it?

For about a year. But this past summer I lowered my dose and tried a new birth control. And I’m frustrated with myself because this should be helping me. I’m wondering if it’s just me and not the birth control

Sometimes its so hard to tell if it is the bc or not. Either way i hope you can get help for your issue :)

Thank you. You too

Most birth control pills have estrogen in them, estrogen in women is the equivalent of testosterone in men, those hormones make people aggressive, and irritable, bitchy, etc. Estrogen is also the reason why some women get bitchy before their period during pms, because at that time estrogen levels go high making women bitchy.

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