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Tomorrow is a new start - fingers crossed ://

So after a bad few days when putting in my pj,s I just was thinking this week I'm going to try and change ME!! I am putting an Internet Health check Ban in place also I'm going to go to the doctor on Tuesday and ask for bloods,etc to be taken but if they come back clear I'm going to really try and believe them. Also I'm going to on Thursday when I'm off clean my house top to bottom and in Friday go shopping for clothes to cheer myself up then get my hair down . Sounds sad but sometimes a plan helps. I really shouldn't be like this I have a good family/husband, two beautiful kids and a lovely home, fair enough money is so tight but sure it is for most. I don't have many friends as I find people hard to trust and feel people judge me but life is what it is. So mad as it is this is me trying to get over this HA and try to move on and be happy

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It sounds a good plan. I think planning is very useful. I think the google ban is good. I really need to do the same. I hope you have a good few days and your doctors appt. goes well. Take care


Thank you - yes planning and making lists ticking off the box,s !!!


Hello, I wud definitely put a ban on the internet for health. I had all my bloods done while at my worst it was the doctors idea and I was all clear on them all. He wanted to rule out that I didn't have a viral infection because I felt worse. I edu definitely go and have ur hair done and do some shopping and it does make u feel abit better. Yes money is tight and my partner works but with paying bills it never leaves much to spare but that doesn't mean that u cannot treat it self :-) u don't need to change the person u r u have to learn to change the way u think, it's way I learned last yr :-) wish u a nice wk xxx


Thanks Donna. I had this do bad a few years ago comes back now and again I do overcome it do there is light at end of the tunnel xx


Good for you :-)

I think its good to make plans , I am trying to make some myself for this week coming

I also think if I achieve them all that will be fantastic & if I achieve just one so will that as well :-)

So I hope if its all , one , two , doesnt mattter how many you will feel proud & look forward to hearing how you got on :-)

You sound so much more positive already :-)

Great idea about getting your hair done , I keep going & getting mine done & it really does help :-)





Thank you - last time when I was bad I did this and it helped even if it was just a walk. Surprising when you busy how you forget fir a while. Will keep you,s posted xxx


well done you !!! and welcome to the google ban!!:} Im very much like you,try using Head Space its an app for your phone. I find it a very useful tool to have.I use it every day and find it helpful.

I hope you have a great day xxx


Hello :-)

oh this sounds like me,, well done on your plan, it does help, good luck on a good week, sending you positive thoughts.

HA is horrible, I have everything a wonderful family and im like why am I like this, I don't know the answer yet, just keep positive and look into a happy future:-) xx


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