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Anxiety making me feel like death is near

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New here, and right now I'm pretty sure something is wrong

I know it's my anxiety I keep telling myself that. I know it's just me and if I was ACTUALLY dying I'd be a lot worse off.

I'm pacing and whimpering and I feel so horrible, it started off as a burning pain behind my shoulder blade as I breathed out, I sat up and it sort of faded. I then had frontal neck pain like someone hurt my windpipe and I started crying, I don't know why my body does this to me, I'm only 18 I don't want to die yet, I just got engaged.

I went to the ER thinking I had a blood clot and tests came back negative, they gave me a 2 week supply of paxil until I switched doctors

The doctor I was trying to go with kept putting me off for 2 weeks only to tell me he won't accept me and now I'm out of medicine and it's back to the old anxiety routine.

I always think I'm dying and paxil literally was the only way I could function

Zoloft made me angry all the time so I quit that.

I'm sorry for the long rant I just am so tired it's 8:54 am and I haven't slept yet and it's Christmas day.

Merry Christmas everyone

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I'm sorry you feel this way, but be ensured it's just the anxiety making you feel this way. I feel like I am going to die nearly everyday and I really hate it. It's horrible and stops me from living life how I want.

Get your anxiety under control before it gets you under control because anxiety is only an illness, and illness can be cured. It's all to do with the mind so keep your mind occupied.

The symptoms you've described I get them myself, so don't worry too much and it's easier said than done but try to ignore the symptoms and push them away.

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Glad to know I'm not alone and thank you merry christmas!

Awww that's awful, how you feeling at the moment?

Well I've been feeling really anxious lately ad lightheaded

I've been trying not to let it get to me but its hard otherwise I'm doing alright

Hi thank you for your post. I'm 16 and a male as well as a victim of anxiety as well.. everyday I'm scared thinking I'm going to either faint or die. I get the light headedness I get the heart palpitations, I get shortness of breath, double and tunnel vision along with extreme dizziness till the wall spins and my body goes ice cold and I sweat at the same time I have a girl friend so yeah I know-how it feels thinking it's death doeth part. But trust me... I know I'm younger than u but I have a lot of knowledge. I'm experiencing the same. You are not alone. You will not die, the best way to rid of this illness is to cooperate with it. If you try to escape it or push it away its only gonna get worse. Be careful just keep in your mind that you might feel pain but it's not gonna over take u or win. Okay? Congrats on engagement

Thank you guys for the support and good luck to you all!

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