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Deciding to come off citrapam

As anyone been on medication but decided it's not for them and as tried to wean themselves off it. I've been on it for 2 weeks n I'm just sat here now thinking why am I taking this medication. I'm just really worried about the side effects as when I first went on it the side effects was really bad for me so knowing me trying to ween myself off it is going to be as hard. Anyone else in same boat? Xx

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Hi Did your doctor tell you it takes 6 weeks plus for the med to take effect ? 2 weeks is not long enough. Also in the first couple of weeks you might feel worse. Have you tried the other methods such as CBT or focus on other things as well as meds. ?


Hi, yea he said it can take upto 6 weeks. I'm a worrier and if I'm not I control of my body and what is going on i do panic (which I know it doesn't help). Iam now on my 3rd week, so I've gripped and beard the horrible horrible side effects, I'm still getting the odd side effects like I've felt numb, feeling like I'm not breathing proper and feeling like I have a lump in my throat, I'm now getting headaches.BUT most importantly I don't feel depressed anymore were before I was really bad but past couple of days I've slowly noticed my mood has changed, so iam seeing some results so im just keeping that in my mind at the moment. Yea I've had few CBT sessions (which I have now finished) plus private Counselling. I'm going to a new session. It's we're people like me are a big worrier so I've got go to this group thing.

The dr as now prescribed me with 40mg of propronalol to take at night as sometimes I wake up feeling really anxious and have a panic attacks. I'm just worried because last time I had this it made me feel really low and off (worse in fact) but that was on its own without the Citerplam, so I'm now worried that if I take it I might get worse on it. AV you ever had it?

So sorry my reply is an essay, I can get carried away 😳 Xx


I had all the symptoms of anxiety as others do on this website, and tried many things, I am now over anxiety and living a good life no medication now. I can advise that the most important thing you can do is focus on something in your life. If your mind is full of focusing on something all the physical symptoms dissapear and you gain confidence again. For me I took up a new hobby, met new friends, and over time overcome all the bad feelings. Many people look to others or medication for a magic cure, with anxiety it is upto you. Yes I went to the same sessions and realised there were people worse than me. Trying something away from thinking about Anxiety or depression does work. Take care Kevin


I was on that for a lot of years with depression it helped me a lot I've been off it a year now


Was it hard to come off it? I've herd it can be hard. I don't want be on it for no longer then a year as me and my husband next year want try for a baby. How do you feel now your off it? Xx


Ive been fine last couple of weeks I've been a bit bad with anxiety but until then I've been realy good I'm feeling a lot better now

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