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When i wake up i think im dead

Hi,haven't posted on here for a while. this may sound like such a stupid , horrible thing to say but recently when i wake up i feel like im dead. just for like a minute till i wake up properly but i still feel shaken up by it, heart beats like crazy, get confused , feel like i dont know where i am ect. it doesnt really happen when im in bed and sleep overnight. Only when i fall asleep on the sofa for a short while. ive always had this strong fear of dying and knowing that one day i just wont be here and what will happen. its really getting to me and i just dont know what to do.

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Hey there sorry you are feeling like that when you wake up it must be frightening.

I get the thoughts about what will happen after I die and that sense of surrealism when everyone ignores me.

You have to get over the fear of dying.

Or look at it as a "it's meant to happen"

I think a lot of people wake up scared when they have fallen asleep in an unusual place then the norm it common.


I have felt that too, like alwaysafraid says, you have to get over the fear of dying. Once you take fear of death away from anxiety, it has no more power over you. And FEAR DOES NOT STOP DEATH..IT STOPS LIFE. Do you believe in heaven? That is what helped me get over the fear of death knowing whwre I will go and that I won't ever be sick , or anxiety ridden again. Anxiety can't kill you. No one has died from a panic attack ever, even though that is how t feels. When that happens to me I quickly tell myself, this isn't real.. and focus on breathing deep and slowing my breaths down. Sometimes I have to brace myself and really get a grip.. but it always works. We are all here for you.♡♥♡


I have had the same thing happen twice. Yesterday morning I was convinced I was dead and was gonna see my dead self laying in bed. I did take strong painkillers before going to bed around 5am. I woke up in a conscious daze and body was mostly numb. I only slept 2 hours before that happened. Nothing I've ever experienced compared to the 7 seconds after I woke up. I was so freaked I kept saying " please don't b dead". I also started taking chantix the day before this.. Im thinking the lack of sleep and the pills did it. Definitely changed my views on things.


Ive had dp for four months and always feel like that but now, I am not bothered by it, as I have seen it doesnt result in anything I fear. It could be dp, as it can change moment to moment, be persistent, or only happen for a few minutes. Mine has been persistent . Ive completely overloaded my brain, the poor thing. Its not dangerous, its just your minds way if saying that it needs a break.

I am not afraid of death, as I believe in Christ. So if I die, you know, I am okay with that cause I know where I am going. I used to fear it but, that was before I understood Heaven and it just seemed really uncertain.

My fear is losing control. Whether that be physically or any other way. I understand I wont, but it is a fear. People with anxiety either fear death or losing control. Any person with anxiety will generally fall into one of those categories. It gets easier with that fear, but if you believe in God, well, thats how I overcame it. Hope you feel better. :)


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