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Hi all. I've been suffering wiv severe panic attacks for a while now and have been put on citalopram 20mg and 2mg diazepam. The past week

I've been worrying about leaving my home! Is this normal? I had to go to the doctors last week and I was a total wreck. I know it's all in my head but is there any way of me sorting this out as I don't want to be locked away from the world

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Hi Stephen. I get panicky every time I leave the house. Probably wouldn't go out if I didn't have to. The doc has me on sertraline 100mg, but refused to give me any diazipam. Agoraphobia is such a common illness,we just don't meet the people with it! Thinking of you Stephen as I know how awful it is. This site is great if you need to chat with people or you can just read advice and other peoples stories. I'm sure others can give you ideas/advice how to deal with your panic attacks. Take care xx


Hi Stephen and welcome :)

Anxiety does this, it comes in many different forms. Some times it's hard to believe it's actually Anxiety.

Have you seen a therapist yet?

If not ask your doctor to refer you for CBT.

A few of us on here have or still going to cbt.

Personally it's the best thing I've done:)

Look into Mindfulness, there're lots of websites on this such as Headspace and

There are some good books you could read that could help.

Stress Free in 30 days by Charles Linden

Overcoming worry by Kevin Meares and Mark Freeston

Hope this helps xx


Thankyou for the nice replies and advice. Could you tell me what CBT is please? x


CBT is cognitive behaviour therapy. I not long ago posted up a link to a website which explains all about different types of talking therapy of which CBT is one. Here's the link again.

Gemma :)


Thankyou Gemma x


HI Stephen.I took 2 years to get over this sensation and without taking any medicine.It`s something that you`ve to learn to deal with because is something in your mind and body that has to be re balanced and is not an easy step .My first steps in the world again was encouraged at that time by my parents and friends trying to involve me in activities and events and it worked.You`ve to find a person who can guide you for a while as a mentor or a be friender until you`ll become more confident again...I am sure you can do it...keep trying


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