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Hi, can anyone help, for the past 3 nights I have not been sleeping,I have trouble breathing and I also begin to sweat, what is this?

A few nights ago I was involved in an incident where my friends car which I was in was being followed by an older man, he followed us for 30 minutes and drove erratically to keep up with us, we tried to lose him but he would always find a way of being behind us again flashing his lights, we called the police and they sorted him. Ever since whenever I try sleeping all I can see when I shut my eyes is his face and flashing lights, I also have flashbacks of him turning around in the road to try and get us, whenever I have this I struggle to breath, I start to sweat and I feel like the room is getting smaller. I've had 3 sleepless nights now. Can anyone help as to what this is and what I can do to get rid of it?

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HI Aqua and welcome to the site. Sorry to hear about your car horror. It sounds as if this incident is playing on your mind at the moment and causing some anxiety. It sounds like it was a very scary ordeal in which you feared for your own and friends safety and at some points lives. Luckily the police where able to sort the mater before it got any worse. Maybe you could go and see our gp and they could get you someone to talk to about how you feel over the whole situation. In the meantime try t relax and remind yourself that nothing bad happened and your safe and well. When you allow yourself to panic over the incident its triggering the flight/fight mode in your body where you are preparing for the incident to reoccur, even though it wont. Then as your body is working so hard your breathing will naturally shallow to allow you to be more ready to defend, the sweating is also a natural part of this process and also due to the fear you feel. Just keeping pushing on, see the gp and remind yourself that all is fine and will continue to be fine xx If you like talk more on ere, we are quiet at the mo but more will answer eventually xx Donver x

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Hi aqua doll

I agree with Denver you have had a bad experience and it's playing on your mind which is a perfectly normal reaction to have. I am quite easily anxious and have similar symptoms if I have an argument with someone. I would see your gp about some cognitive behavioural therapy where a therapist will teach you ways of clearing you mind of this event also rationalising your feelings. I have had this my self and once you have the skills you can use them again and again. If you look online you will be able to find the mental health services available in your area. Some areas you can self refer. I saw my gp recently with anxiety and he asked me twice if I would like antidepressants ( some work for anxiety too) I told him I didn't want pills I want practical help. You may have to wait a while to see a therapist so in the meantime I suggest doing progressive relaxation techniques throughout the day but especially at bedtime ( you will be able to find it online). I would also suggest keeping your life as simple as possible while your not sleeping. I find when I over do things I am much more likely to panic in my sleep. Also some excersise may help with endorphins lifting your general mood. I would avoid too much alcohol as this will lower your mood. Best of luck to you aquadoll. Let us know how you are doing. KiKi x


Hi Aquadoll

So sorry to hear about the awful ordeal you and your friend suffered. You have had good advice here and I can't really add to it except to say keep telling yourself that nothing happened and you are both ok.

Be strong and hold the experience in your hand and throw it out of the window then tell yourself there is no need to think of it again.

That awful man will not upset your life because of the worry he caused and you will not let the experience be anymore than what it was, annoying and frightening but all over now. Keep posting and it will help to write how you are feeling, we all understand. Good luck. X


Hi Aquadoll,

Welcome to the site, you have received some good advice. All I can add, is when you see these thoughts in your mind try and let them float away on a stream, or blown away in the wind, then try and replace the thought with something you want to achieve, or a pleasant venue you would like to visit. You have had a nasty fright, and these demons affect us more at the night time, thus the sweating.xx

Take care Eunice


Hi there and welcome:)

I agree what has been said, you need to go to your gp and get the ball rolling for CBT.

In the meantime, check out the website "Headspace"

This will give you some tips on relaxing and keeping calm:)

Hugs xx


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