Hi. I've been feeling really low and tired for a few weeks. seeing dr tomorrow but need advice on work issue

I feel totally exhausted all the time and can't concentrate and panic every time my phone rings. I feel completely useless. Trouble is I'm self employed on a consultant basis. Financially I can reduce my hours but I feel I have committed to my clients and don't know how to sort it out. Has anyone been in this situation? I also wonder that if I sort myself out, I could go back to coping with my job?


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  • Personally for me as much as I hate work it's also kept my head in the game...I think if I'd went off in long term sick I would have been worse. Not everyone is the same though but for me it helped to stay x

  • Thanks for the reply. My issue with going of long term sick is I might feel like i've failed which of course is one of my symptoms so I feel in a never ending circle!

  • Its a tricky one this and a bit like suck it an see........ Im self employed too so I know where youre coming from..... I worry prob more than if I worked for someone else, and you don't want to look unprofessional etc. But I think it depends if its the job that making you stressed or something else, if its something else then I think keeping busy can help, but if its cos the job is stressful then maybe time to think about cutting the hours if you can afford it... Your clients will be fine, theyre always more understanding than we think, and nothing is worth your health.....

    I don't know it this helps and obv every situation is individual so don't really want to say what is best for you,,,

    Good luck with the doctors..... let us know youre ok!!

    Ker xx

  • Thanks so much. Sometimes knowing someone understands helps. I think I might be able to afford to cut some hours and I've written to some potential new clients saying I'm not taking on anyone else just yet (even though I got a reply straight back saying surely I could fit them in!). I am not very good at managing my time when I go through bad patches which makes the situation worse. Ax

  • I find my job keeps me sane but I understand that some jobs can be very stressful. I cut my hours and I find not working full time a lot better

  • Yes I think it was the hours over the summer that finally finished me off. My family even went on holiday without me so I could meet some of my clients expectations. That meant that I only had 4 days off. Got back from hols at 5.00am and was with one of my clients at 8.00am after 2 hours sleep. Looking back that wasn't dedication, it was stupidity!

  • YOure obv very good at what you do, but you don't get medals for it luv, its not worth your health............ YOu need to learn to say no..... hard I know!! xx

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