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I've thought I had been doing well but it's 1:26am just woke with a panic attack and that's the first one for ages had Gad but no panic OMG

This is not fair I've been trying so hard perhaps to hard I've not had a full blown panic Attack for months and now this think I've just taken a big step backwards what's the point,

Mind you it only happened tonight and after meeting a guy on my course ( mindfulness Cause ) who told me about his post dramatic stress syndrome that scared me to bits or was it just me doing to much worry ether way this is the result not sure I want this to happen again feel proper shocked that it's come back are there any of you who have not had panic for ages then it returns out of the blue thought I was getting better :-(

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I hope this is a one off for you after , what sounds like, a stressful conversation. I think attacks are a vicious circle, the more you try not to think about them the more they are in your head. You are getting better if you have not had one for ages and I think most of us have setbacks and it's not fair..... but regard it as a setback and not going back to where you were before. All the very best. Julie xx



Yup, I think we've all had it happen to us at one point or another - just when you thought you're getting better, suddenly you seem to slide back down again. Don't be too hard on yourself for it happening. I know you feel like this incident erased all the progress you thought you made, but try not to view it as a negative thing which happened to you. It didn't erase all the improvement you made. The incident just highlighted certain aspects of life which you can further improve on, as you may not have been fully prepared for it. Now that you know the sharing of negative experiences can shake you, you'll be better equipped so as not to let it affect you.

Try to get some rest - its very easy when we're lying awake in the middle of the night, with our minds exhausted, for things to get blown out of proportions and seem worse or scarier than it really is. Re-evaluate things in the morning, and with a fresh mind, I'm sure you'll be able to come up with some action plans.

Take care.


Don't feel dis-hearted, they have a nasty way of rearing their ugly head when there's negativity around, remember they have passed before and they will again.x


I slept from 3 and could feel a little panic but breathed threw them and let them be today I'm so tired and I think now this is about money and house being a bit of a state after DIY jobs

And I'm going to ask to see my nurse for a chat pay some of those bills have a rest and maybe go to the gym ( if I'm not to tired) Thankyou for your helpful comments and kind words they help me x


Hey big guy,

Try and take the positive out it that this is the first one in a while, so you know you can go without them, soon the will get less and less :-)




This is how I am recently, I think its trying too hard, go with the flow and don't overthink too much, I had a panic last night and said I bloody give up, don't... think of it as a blip, ignore and carry on. I was improving too, but your subconscious never sleeps, don't think too much into it otherwise it has won and it will play on your mind xxxxx


Hi Bigguy

I have answered your other post asking where I am :-)

You have had some good replies here as well

I am sorry you were up with a panic attack & maybe you are right you are trying & putting pressure on yourself to much , which we can do , plus when people tell us negative things it can have an impact & play on our minds & then it can trigger something like this of

Dont take it as you are going backwards though

People that dont suffer with anxiety , I have known to have an odd panic attack , & I do think when we do suffer we can & do get well , but have to be prepared that maybe now & again we might get an odd panic attack ,but try not to allow ourselves to get fearful & let it come & go & carry on , I no it can be easier said than done , but you have been doing so well , give this a kick up the backside , tell it where to go , you are not interested & I no you will be back on track :-)





Feeling a bit sad low and sort of sorry for my self even had thoughts about meds today but I need to back of from work runing

a drama school is stressful my wife can do it with some help I've put things in place so I can take it easy for a bit as I've realised that the stress is the cause of the anxioty I'm not going to oppt out but I need to stop the stress for a little bit I will go to the gym shops meet friends etc but I want a break to see if I feel better what do you think mate