Not been on for a while feeling very Anxious today it's my 50th birthday Dizzy all the rest

Do you think it's my birthday and the thought of friends calling round they have been and gone

Had a lovely day but had bits of anxiety when I go into a cafe etc

I've been doing so well

Had a couple of bad things happen last week but that was over a week ago! I've come to bed as I'm so tired after after all the anxious not a great way to spend your 50 th I'm going try and have a nice eve after a rest I do hope I feel better


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  • Hi, see how you feel after your nap. Happy Birthday, I hope your evening gets better and you can enjoy yourself.

    Take care xx

  • Going to do that now winter and thanks going to try relaxation as well

  • I hope it works x

  • Hi there :)

    Happy Birthday Hun!

    Sorry you felt alittle anxious.

    Try out Headspace, it's a website that helps you keep calm.

    Hope it helps, enjoy your evening:) hugs x

  • Headspace I will take a look cheers

  • No problem, hope it helps:) xx

  • I do headspace it's really good xxx happy birthday xxx

  • Dear Bigguy,

    I wish you a very happy birthday.

    best wishes,


  • Happy Birthday Bigguyx,do try and enjoy your day.Special occasions can be stressful,really hope is a special day for you xxxx

  • Hi

    Happy 50th Birthday for yesterday :-)

    I hope you enjoyed it !




  • Thanks guys

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