Panic disorder/fear of dying

I found out that since ive been having panic attacks. I'm often times tricked into believing that i'm truly dying. I know it cannot kill me but the feelings are too real. I think i might be having anxiety-related fear of death or dying. I start to put alot of thought in dying and no longer existing. This never use to happen to me. I'm sure its caused from these panic attacks. Does anyone has this? What should i do?


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9 Replies

  • Hi, panic attacks are very intense and stop us thinking in a rational way when we are thinking that is the end of life and dying.We all experience the fear of dying or to die in any moment , we can feel in our chest, in our palpitations and short breath, but then it happens in reality?When panic attack is over you do realize that you`re still alive, so it wasn`t as you`ve thought before you`re going to die...Keep thinking that nothing happened when the panic attack was over and you still breathing and seeing your life around.Try to find a way to move your thought to something you really like:a tropical landscape,relaxing music, hands massage...anything you can enjoy

  • thank you just that i sometimes cant change them. i hate my mind trying to have control over me.

  • Hi, last year I suffered my first ever panic attack and it was horrible. Within a week I had been to the doctors (and A&E hehe) and it was established I had had panic attacks and anxiety. It has stuck with me since then, mind you've I've not had a panic attack since the week I went to the doctors, but I have severe health anxiety and think I am dying all the time.

    You are not dying and you are not alone. I think it must be common for people to get health anxiety due to panic attacks as I have read alot of peoples situations where they say it stemmed from a panic attack. Have you seen the doctor in regards to this? Would you think of taking medication or getting CBT?

  • Yes im healthy. did a few test and check up. i dont have health anxiety. i wont take meds cause once i deal with the root cause of the attack. they no longer will be a attack.i do therapy,read books and natural ways. thanks for ur reply though :)

  • hi I have this every day my biggest fear is of passing out which after all the test im fine I gave gad and panic and spoke to numerous specialsits who have confirmed to me that it is impossible to pass out of dye during either anxiety or panic but im obsessed about it im housebound cant leave my fear is fear of fear health anxiety if anyone wants to talk please I would like some support

  • Am here

  • i really want to talk im suffering the same has u are!! im here to talk

  • ALL THE TIME! I'm sorry you feel that way I know how it is some days are bad some good . I know its hard to accept trust me I'm still trying to deal with it and I turn to god for help I know we feel hopeless but it will get better :) try to see the positive I try well make it through

  • I don't know what you can do but I experience this too it is so scary your not alone

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