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Fear of dying help anyone


Fear of dying HELP!!!!

Hi if anyone's awake I'd really appreciate a chat I've got bad health anxiety I've just woke up crying in a state of serious panic thinking I'm dying of cancer my mum died 9 years ago of it and she died in my arms and ever since then I've been thinking every pain I have its cancer related I've woke up burning in a state of panic thinking I'm gonna die and I'm in a right state all because I've got a kidney infection I'm sobbing here thinking this is it for me why in the gods am I doing this to myself I can't cope anymore 😫😫😭😭😭😭😫😫😫😫

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Oh this breaks my heart. I hate waking up in a panic attack its so scary the Bur ing sensation and tinglyness along with the racing heart and insane thinking of death. Its Not Very Nice. I hope you get passed it quickly and get some rest :(

Natzsteveo in reply to Hidden

It's not nice only last week I was my old self now this I'm absolutely in a right state I don't know what to do xx

Blu7 in reply to Natzsteveo

What brought it on?  I had funny heart palpitations that wouldn't go away then bam panic attack, I freaked out about the heart fluttery feeling in my chest, which then made my throat tighten, and here I jump on google. Yep bad mistake, now I'm thinking oh dear God this must be a heart attack. Well next day I get my EKG. It's normal, I was so obsessed I even got an app that checks your pulse.  Well I'm fine now but I now realize my constant worrying us only making these sensations worst.  The more you believe in these fears the more your body reacts.  It's like the placebo affect you believe in it so odly enough your body reacts to it.  Our minds are incredibly strong, all I can think of now is just keep wiring my mind to stop believing it's the end of the world.  I hope your feeling better, anxiety plagues us but keep reminding yourself it is only a sensation.  

I am right there with you. I was doing good for two days then all of the sudden...i think my I am dying with a heart issue. It doesn't make sense I hate these panic attacks. I have my two year old grand daughter here with me and i am trying my best to be strong and talk myself out of it. Maybe we can get through this together.

Lbk64 in reply to kimberly434

I have terrible health anxiety too and worry the most when I have my granddaughter who is only 3. I worry about what would happen to her if I pass out or have a heart attack or stroke and she wouldn't know what was happening. It's an awful thing,

I know how fear of death feels too. That is because I have it too. It affects me so much that I can't even sleep without thinking I'm going to die in my sleep. I wait until I can't really keep my eyes open which is until like two or three in the morning. Or I'll just have panic attacks. But I hope you can get through it. Just rest up 

Hi alan here I no how u feel I lost my father 2 cancer and I think like u do we sit and worry about every little niggle u get symptoms and your mind goes into overdrive then u do the worst thing u can do.  Don't Google any symptoms u will always  find the worst thing so don't Google,  try 2 b active go 4 a walk try 2 push them negative  thoughts  away I no it hard it's not worth feeling like we do life 4 living get out there and live get angry with your negative  thoughts and think positive.  I get annoyed  with myself  4 feeling  this way but I'm looking forward u can do it Xxx 

God is always awake and willing to listen !  Be still, talk to Him , ask for peace, ask for guidance, ask for healing . Be quite, listen . He loves you and wants to talk to you!

My mother died of heart disease at a relatively young age, & heart disease is known to run in families, so I often panic about the thought of going the same way.

I completely understand you I lost my dad to cancer it will be two years and I'm always thinking now that I'm gonna die of the same thing I've suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for over 10 years and was doing pretty good until dad passed away now I'm always worring about any little thing I'm here if u need to chat u can message me any time have u tried therapy I started about a month ago and it helps a little it's very hard when we lose a parent I know I miss my dad everyday and wish he was still here .. Take care hope you are feeling a little better 

Agora1 in reply to Oliveira42970

Hi Oliveira,  I lost my dad in an accident many years ago.  He fell down the basement steps.  For years as well as much therapy I envisioned myself at the bottom of the steps every time I went down to the basement in my own home.  I was so sure that I would die like my father.  Although I'm careful going down the steps I am not as obsessive about it. 

I'm so sorry hun. I am right with you. I woke up at 3am convinced myself i was burning up bc something was wrong with me. I cried from 330am and it didn't end for another day. I couldn't function  I couldn't stay off google...it was hard. It started Tuesday last week and I'm just now coming out of that horrible anxiety breakdown. It's a battle daily

This scenario is a very familiar one. My dad died suddenly...he had an aneurysm and since then I cannot stop thinking about it. It hasn't been easy dealing with it, because it makes me realize how vulnerable our bodies are. However, I make myself decide if I want to dwell on the negative thoughts or just shake them off. It is a day by day, second by second struggle, but I have to do it. Is life is so short, why waste it dealing with our negative thoughts? My dad never thought he would die that day, yet he did...Believe it or not, you are probably the healthiest person physically, but your mind,like mine and all of us who suffer from this disease cannot comprehend it because we get tricked by our thought pattern. Just breath and repeat to yourself  that your are fine and that you are the boss of your thoughts!

Warm thoughts,

.sorry for u feeling that way,its really hard i know.dear u are not alone to have these feelings,i am a 20 year old electrical engineering student,i have upset stomach,urinary tract infection and kidney problem,4 months ago when i went to bed and i got panic attack,i start trembling in fear that i m going to die,but no one knows his destiny,so stay strong and pray to GOD,use some suggested foods in the link below,take exercise reguarly,ALHAMDULILLAH i am much better now about upto 70% cured by the myself changing my habits,by the way i never met a psychatrist or a therapist,wish u best of luck.

here is the link=youtube.com/watch?v=PYgrEnO...

Never give up, keep fighting ... So many suffer , You are not alone

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