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Fear of dying all the time


I have this fear and feeling of dying everyday since my first panic attack its calm down a lil bit but can take over at times like its doing now is someone else having this problem?

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Me same thing its trying to take control its like my heart always racing even when i go outside or in a car like i have these small panick attatcks certain days and certain days i hav ebig ones idk what to do anymore my heart worries me the most

I only had one back in june and since then i just been having impending doom everyday but im going to my therapist on the 10th so i can explain things to him

Yeah im going to do the same are you taking any meds?

No the cause side effects its not going to help anyway

Yes it sucks... I understand...

It's really not that easy to die, you really have to muck it badly.

You sound a little too into yourself. Try helping others and thinking positive about your health.

Get busy living!

Sounds like anxiety as well ., you could live to be a 100 so logically it's silly but when your not logical it is a big fear., I take Magnesium citrate in warm lemon juice every morning just half a small spoon it makes me feel calmer ., google about it anything is worth a try

Good luck x


I have this fear most days with health anxiety. Tou have to try and convince yourself that you have had rhe symptoms before but your still here. Easier said than done i know. What symptons do you have when you think this way?

Hope your feeling better soon x

Yes love I've been dyeing every day for the past 34 yrs. Wasted most of my life worrying. Don't do the same hun. I know it's not easy to not think about it. It comes to us all in the end so until then embrace life. Train your thoughts when you wake in a morning smile and say I'm alive today. Any dyeing thoughts tell em to jog on its a thought a bad thought and a liar. I should imagine everyone is afraid of dyeing it's fear of the unknown. when and how it's anxiety that makes you think these thoughts it's very clever at tricking it has many up its sleeve. Remember it's just a thought. And today your alive. X tc mandy😊🙇💭

Amytat in reply to sgbmandy

How are you feeling now. I really hope you can reply

you may find this post useful


Beevee in reply to Gambit62

Couldn't agree more and explained in a very good way.

It's not about fighting those thoughts, it's about giving them space in your head, letting them scare you but learning to observe them instead of getting involved with them. In my mind's eye, I would say hello to them, acknowledge them as just a symptom of anxiety ( with a false importance magnified by anxiety) then watch them scare me and not reacting by adding more fear. We cannot stop those thoughts coming but we can choose how we react to them which is key to recovery. Instead of reacting with "what ifs?" change the reaction to "so what?" and move on. Those thoughts will keep coming for a while but will gradually lose their power to scare. Those thoughts won't be there after recovery so don't waste time getting involved with them. Give them no respect. It can take a bit of time to develop the new attitude but it can be done. Anyone can do it, with practice.

Yes this is me 100%.my fear and fright began wen I had my first panic attack too and then escalated wen I lost my mum to cancer to every pain i had i automatically thought I had it.mines terrible at the moment as ive got a horrible pain in my ovary area so im assuming the worse.its a awful thing to live with as your battling with yourself!!! Your not alone we all get like this woth anxiety and panic

Hello, you are not alone and I can help you.

Do you also have trouble sleeping at night?

I've had this homeopathic remedy and it's specifically for people that have a fear of dying. It's called Aconite. Get the 30c strength. Go to your healthshop and get it and LMK how you get on after a few days. I hope it works for you as it's helped me a lot since my panic attacks and fears too.

Make sure you take the correct dosage and not have it near eating.

It's wonderful.

Kind regards,


I have a fear of death. Not just that I'm going to die, but actual death itself. I think in great depth about it, being in a coffin, and what happens to your body. It makes me feel very anxious. When my mum and dad died, I kept thinking about them being under ground, and I wanted to go to the cemetery and check on them to make sure that they weren't trying to get out. It was horrible not being able to check on them. I don't want to be cremated either. It's on my mind every day.

Hi All, several points here. First remember that no anxiety attach has ever hurt you, ever!

The other thing is racing heart, dread, fear are part of anxiety, they are only physical symptoms created by thought, conscious and subconscious. Generally called the mind body connection.

The fear of death and dying are symptoms too, fear creates imaginings. We can imagine negative thought easier than positive, we self program to do it! It's easier to destroy than build, so each of us has to learn to think differently. If we live in fear we hold ourselves back from enjoying life.

Being afraid of death is natural for sure. But we can't live our lives worrying about it. For me my faith carries me over so I've no worries there. For those who don't have a faith and find the thought of death fearful, perhaps asking how it was before you were born, and then consider that is where you will return to.


That's a big fear. I have my feelings towards that. The reality is, you are going to die at some point, we all are. We can't sit here worrying about it or we're wasting our time we have left to be living free. I'm still scared I'm going to die when i take a new med, or if i need surgery, etc. The anxiety kicks in. I'm a Christian, so I look to God and tell him I trust him. If it's my time just allow me to be at peace. That really helps me calm down. It gets to me at times but you really can't live your life being afraid. Get out there, be happy and live a life filled with love and happiness and you won't be afraid.

Health anxiety is a curse ,if your feeling fine you dont worry but it only takes one trigger , one pain to set the roller coaster of hell to start

It doesn't matter if it's health anxiety, relationship anxiety, panic disorder ( I prefer to say energy surge) OCD, GAD or any other anxiety disorder.

The cure for all of these is the same simply because the root cause for all is the same. They are all caused by fear, fear which is magnified tenfold by anxiety and designed to grab our attention and to make a run for it, hide away or stand our ground and fight the perceived threat.

The trick is to allow all of this to happen without running away, hiding or fighting because all this does is to reinforce the message to the brain confirming that there is a threat so the mind and body stays on full alert, scanning for more perceived threats. Nerves remain sensitised and don't get the chance to calm themselves down. They have been overworked and need a rest.

Cure lies in learning to cope with the symptoms of anxiety the right way by accepting what is happening, being ok about not feeling ok and not fighting.

Jamescrider in reply to Beevee

its just im so confused rn im going to my therapist tomorrow to talk to him last time i went i explained some things with him and he says i have health anxiety but my head is telling me i don't

and to answer some of y'alls questions i have symptoms like shortness of breath derealization and depersonalization sometimes and i use to have heart palpitations but those went away thank u and if i hear or see something about cancer and other medical problems it effects me strong like i thought i had cancer not to long ago and i thought i had heart disease but don't aslo i had two ekgs done and i x-ray done on my chest and lungs and everything came back normal

And aslo at one time i couldn't sleep at all but i can now

Beevee in reply to Jamescrider

Your posts could have be written by me a few years ago. I thought I had cancer, I thought I had heart problems, I thought I was on my way out. What would happen to my kids? I thought I didn't love my wife. Spent all day worrying about it all. Lost all confidence, felt overwhelmingly stressed 24/7. No confidence meant social anxiety too. Couldn't sleep, couldn't get up, didn't want to work, didn't want to go home (no, me neither). I was hopeless. The only thing I didn't succumb to was agoraphobia, simply because I had no safe places to hide or run to avoid the thoughts and feelings. There was no escape, no let up. Suicide scared the living daylights out of me. What if it came to that? I just went round and round in circles trying to work out how to get out of this mess.

The good news is, it was all anxiety. Nothing more, nothing less. Nowadays, I don't care about any of the above because I don't have anxiety magnifying all those thoughts and feelings to silly proportions. Do I care about dying? No. I don't give it much thought and if I do, it still doesn't bother me. I'm still married and appreciate my wife more than ever. I'm telling all my old jokes (again) and enjoy social occasions. I feel comfortable in my own skin and look forward to things. Little things.

My advice is always the same. Read Self Help for your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes. It is all you will need to recover. Keep reading it until you are not only talking the talk, but walking the walk too. The more I read it, the more I related to it. I also bought At Last A Life by Paul David. Same path to recovery, just explained in a different way that made it easier for me to understand. Understanding is the cornerstone of recovery.

Recovery is about developing a different attitude towards all those thoughts and feelings and giving up caring about them. You can't ignore them, I know, but you can learn to live alongside them and make your life bigger than anxiety. This is the way to recover. Gradually, the old (but wiser) you will come to the surface, free from debilitating anxiety. You may still get anxious when you are supposed to, but it won't stop you in your tracks because you will have gone through it so many times, you will automatically know what to do. Nothing. fear will not be in the driving seat. You will focus on the situation that makes you feel anxious (dentist) instead of focussing on the anxiety itself.

Get out there, live your life and take the anxiety with you. It will get very bumpy at times but it's one helluva ride! Adrenalin junkies would pay an absolute fortune to feel what you are feeling because that is all anxiety is. Surges of adrenalin.

Hope this helps.

thank u so much

Yes im going thru the same and it gets worse if i have a certain ache or pain in my body my anxiety automatically kicks up because my thoughts go straight to this is it im about to die or my mind gets wrapped around the fact on how and when will i die and i completely freak out

im the same way i thought i had serious diseases but im trying to get over it but its very very hard to stop thinking about it

and after my panic attack i was having crazy heart palpitations and i was worrying like crazy then about 1 week later the feeling and fear of dying came on and hasn't left me since but it easys off sometimes

And symptoms of anxiety as well

I'm having trouble with my anxiety disorder at the minute too and I've 100% got a fear of dying it's constantly there wen my health anxiety is at its worst and it's bloody scary it's like every pain I get it's something terminal all the time I know how u feel

Agora1 in reply to Natzsteveo

Natzsteveo, I know how scary it can become when health anxiety takes over. What are you able to do to reduce that fear?

Natzsteveo in reply to Agora1

I just ride it out till the next one appears and I've upped my tablet dosage that takes about a week to kick in

Agora1 in reply to Natzsteveo

That's good that you have medication. Good for you in riding it out. It's not easy. At one time, I use to pace, cry and shake and that certainly didn't work until I learned to just accept what was happening. It eventually went away. Wishing you calm and peace soon.

Natzsteveo in reply to Agora1

Thanks honey means a lot xx

ima do that im not going to let it take over

It's hard James isn't it maybe if we talk to it like say do your worse anxiety I'm still here or something

Welcome to my world. I had many good years but the last 1 1/2 has been unreal. I get the feeling I am about to die, from what? ....lack of breath, heart attack, stroke, I start to shake and often cry. I'm on daily medication but so far nothing has helped me return to half way normal. I can't believe people like us exist in this day and age. If you drs. don't know what to do to help us then who does? When it is really over powering I take a sublingual 2mg Ativan which often helps. The thing is that the thoughts of death are with me every day even though I am logical enough to know that in all likely hood it is my mind doing it. If you attend CBT classes they offer many ideas and "tricks" to try to change the way you think and look a things....BUT you have to have a mind strong enough to achieve this. Wish I did!

Death is nothing to be scared of.it is a time for us to meet our creater.read up about it and I promise you you will not be scared. Good luck

This happens to me everyday. I'm always scared of death. My heart is always racing and I know I have a full blown panic attack at least 3 to 4 Times a month, I don't really count. This is just anxiety, it's not gonna go away, there is no cure, you just have to cope the best you can with the help of meds if you choose to take meds. It's a hard road I know, but we will get through this. It also helps to not google your symptoms of you are, because according to Dr. Google you Always have a limited time to live..

How are you feeling now ?

Yes most of the time nowadays, I used to be able to get myself back on track easier than I do now,I find it's worse when I am sad or stressed, I know there is treatment but it's hard to get here.

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