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How to overcome anxiety-related fear of dying?

I'm sure everyone understands thisd symptom. This ones the hardest to overcome.

But when u do get a panic attack and high anxiety, how can u truly convince yourself that your not dying??

And why does it feel this way?

Sometimes i feel like i'm dying or will soon. Doctors are sure its anxiety.

BUt how do i overcome this irrational fear?

This is a very common symptom i realize.

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Umm the only way a doctor got me to overcome this is by telling me this :

" we are all mortals; meaning we all are going to die one day. It could be today, tomorrow we never know.

So live each day as if it were your last. Everyone gets aches or pains. You know your body to know when something is really wrong"

A lot of anxiety symptoms are horrible. Here's a list

Try to relax and catch your breathing if you feel better it was most likely anxiety.


I'm not worry about dying one day. I'm worried that anxiety makes me feel like i'm dying and how will i live nd make most of each day if anxiety makes me feel imma die everyday?


I know exactly how you feel. ...I feel the same way. ..consent thought of death and dying or having some unknown disease that the doctor's can't figure out. ...yes it's scary. ..I got the same question. .how do you over come those thoughts. .???

Any advice

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They still taunt me but i'm learning to understand that thoughts dont mean anythin


The fear is real and the dying isn't. I try to keep that in mind and tackle the fear first. It helps.


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i tell me doctor that I feel like i'm dying.. i'm not suicidal.. I just feel like there is something very wrong with me inside and I cant put my finger on it.. it doesnt help that I have issues... and I'm scared to go to the doctors so my symptoms get real bad before I go.. for example.. I thought I had back cancer.. the pain in my back was bad I was losing my hair, some others things too.. but I finally got an MRI after three years of pain.. and found out I needed surgery.. which made the back cancer symptoms worse in my head..(i dont have back cancer) but now I'm really really really always worried cause they opened me up.. this plays out in my head every day.. consumes me..


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