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Hi I am a new member. I have found it interesting reading your posts. I had my appendix out about 5 weeks ago and two weeks later started to experience terrible anxiety. I have never had it before however work in a stress environment for my work. Has anyone taken antidepressants for this. I was prescribed Lexapro but do not know if it would help. After the surgery I started thinking I was going to die and something was wrong with me. I find the only way I can sleep at night is to take Mersyndole. I have started going to a Cranial Osteopath who says she can help. Would love to read some of your thoughts and experiences.

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Hi Twebby

I am sorry you are having such a hard time. Anxiety is such a jerk lol. I was on medication for about 12 years, and for me it never really worked. I do know some people though who have been on medication and it does work. Best advice is to try it and see if it works, because everyone has a different experience with meds and also if Lexapro doesn't work thwre are many other medications you may be able to try. I bearly joines this site also and I love it ao far.

Twebby in reply to rosesRred34

Thanks RosesRred34 it is terrible. The last couple of days have been ok. Today a bit short of breath and feeling like I have pain in my chest, left side. Then the anxiety starts manifesting again. It starts making you think heart attack and going to hospital only to be sent home again with nothing wrong but anxiety.

Hi Twebby, welcome... this site has been beneficial for me it's nice to find people who can relate to how you are feeling. As roses said I think everyone's experience with meds is a little different.

For me I have been going at it med free. Things that have really helped are: yoga, meditation, exercise, and change in diet. Try a few things and see what works for you.

Mindfulness and meditation seem to help a lot of people here. Check out "headspace", it's an easy to use meditation guide that has been used by many of us. Good luck to you, I hope you find this place useful.

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