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hi everyone hope your all okay. I've not posted for a while..been doing okay or so i thought. but now because I'm going on holiday next week I've started feeling anxious..simply because its change. I've really been looking forward to i feel I'm going to spoil it by feeling iffy. who'd have thought a week in the sun would make you feel anxious. please can anyone this normal?? xx

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Yes I felt the same way when I was goin away on a trip I was sooooo excited but then anxiety came and made me so scared to be away from home.


It's awful isn't it. thank you for reply


Hi, Its a fine line between fear and excitement - Do you remember when you were very young and the suggestion of going on holiday made you feel excited and tingly ? That same feeling now you associate with anxiety. I had the same thing last year before a big holiday and so I imagined how brilliant the holiday would be and day dreamed about what I would see, how it would feel and how much fun I would have - needless to say I had a great holiday. Moral of the story - If you think about how bad something will be you will most probably be right. The problem with "us" is that we spend too long imagining how bad things will be that the brain starts to believe it. We must put as much effort into imagining a positive outcome if things are to change. Good Luck

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ahh thank you..your right. I'm fine when i get there..just don't like change. I've been fine with the anxiety..this has come from nowhere again



Not unusual for people too suffer this is it the plane or something else.

A week of change, personally this last eighteen months we have not had a holiday and because of moving even a holiday has been problematic in the UK. So if you want I can come with you as long as you pay a wage and pay my expenses I will hold your hand and settle your worries LOL

Serious where are you going ? it is only for one week and just think when you get there I would imagine that you will get a great deal of benefit from the change and sun

Enjoy yourself, as said A change is as good as a rest, personally I would panic when I return as I will have to pick up my life when I return as people will be knocking at my door once more and I will start to pick up what i left behind

Have a lovely time



ahh thanks bob ha ha. I'm going to gran canaria..its really something to worry about isn't it..i drive myself mad with it! x


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