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Hi all, this post is for everyone that's been struggling with Anxiety.. I myself have struggled with the physical symptoms that anxiety oh so kindly leaves us (the fast beating heart, dizziness, pit feeling in your stomach, chest pain, tingly hands and feet, dreaded lump in your throat, headache and throbbing head, wobbly legs and the obsessive thoughts that accompany these feelings) It took me years to accept that this was all the effects of anxiety and if I knew what I new years ago then I would of been spared years of torture. And If out of writing this post I could help just one person then I would be happy. In order to truly beat anxiety you need to dig deep and find the cause of whats causing this. For me it was fear of Dying, so everytime I would get a "feeling" my heart would race so fast, I would get chest pains then think I was having a heart attack or I was going to pass out and not wake up then I would worry about my children and what would happen to them, I was obsessed with dying and then every time I felt unwell I would automatically think the worst, google every symptom, spend hours at the doctors and A & E, talk constantly about myself and all my illnesses. And each time one "illness" was rulled out I would replace it with another, it all became way to much mentally and physically I was so tired and wished someone would take it all away, wish to be better again, wish to be back to my old self! That was where I was going wrong. With help from a CBT councillor and no medication this time I am well on the way to beating anxiety all by changing my thought process. You see, we create neuro pathways when we panic with these unwanted thoughts and I started creating new pathways by changing my thoughts, telling myself that im not going to dye, that I have no evidence to support my thoughts and that yes I have anxiety and for now its going to stay with me but not for long!

I know this sounds so easy to say but I have been practising this for a while now along with thought journaling which is brilliant because when your in that state of panic or emotional highjack as I like to call it when you re read out your thoughts you have written down they almost seem Ludacris and it really helps me when I say this to myself.

its like arguing with your subconscious, as crazy as it sound but I have visualized my subconscious as a person that i'm trying to tell everything will be ok, I will be fine, in time I will be happy and healthy and back to my normal self.

This is truly working for me but its hard work it takes courage to sit and feel your physical symptoms and evaluate them.. are they really that bad? scary yes, but life threatening? No

They pass they always do

Lastly I also do mindfulness meditation just 30mins a day, I take myself somewhere quiet and concentrate just on breathing, it gives my mind a short break once a day, especially if you don't sleep well and think constantly boy that will be hard work having all those mixed up thoughts and stresses in your head. Just a little self care has worked for me.

There is light at the end of that dark dark tunnel, stay positive x

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Glad I read this (:


Thanks for sharing I am gonna apply some of these methods


Thank you. This post helped a lot


That is such a great post.

My anxiety is exactly that. Fear of dying

I've passed fair few times in the past.

But only over a year ago have I not passed out but some how found this awful thing called anxiety. Your right you tell so many people like doctor after doctor what your problems are hoping someone will find a solution

solution. Iv just started medicatiohonesty, honesty tho am not happy about it I thought I'd give it ago.

As I fear of passing out so much nearly everyday hence why I struggle to think am I seriously ok.

What is CBT by the way.

I am seeing a councillor but I think I might change to someone else I need to go weekly I think.

Congratulations on finding your path again :)

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Hi thank you for replying. Sorry it's so late that i am replying to you, but couldn't sleep as had a bath a while ago and it was a little hot! Felt a little light headed so decided to just get out and go to bed.. Think I started off my anxiety. I was just re reading my anxiety who post as I have to remind my self how far I've come and not to let a little thing like an over hot bath get me down. We all know what to do in these situations and although most of the time it works for me, just this time it dint. I find writing on here really helps take my mind of this. Just thinking if we can ever be truly free from anxiety or just manage it?? Positive thinking I know is the way forward but when ur mind goes into emotional hijack it's really hard to flick back to the other side.

I need to think back to my Cbt.

It's cognitive behavioural therapy and digs deep into ur subconscious to find the root cause of anxiety through behaviour.

I would highly recommend it. If like me it's not one major thing that sets it off it's lots of things but mostly fear of dying it identifies the thought and helps you change the thought process which then changes the outcome of how the anxiety fires up.

I know my reply is a bit long but just by replying to you it has calmed me right down and allowed me to think rationally.

I do hope you find the right help for your anxiety.



Thank you for your thoughts. I totally agree with you. I am trying to do the same things you isn't always easy and some times I am not as successful as I wish, but I keep trying and it helps me a little bit more. Well said....


Thanks for that. I do the same things to help me. Although I have no idea why I have anxiety. I have nothing to be worried about but I am always worried. I get a dread feeling in the pit of my stomach nothing causes it it's just always there.


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