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Anxiety depression self sabatageong thoughts


Hi I'm struggling for the past 6 months I get obsessed with things and after I stopped this diet I had a nervous breakdown and everyday I say I'm gonna loose my fiancé whom I'm obsessed with and get my unborn baby taken away when it comes.. It's been 6 months of having these thoughts iv been going to therapy but I really believe this is gonna happen to me

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I think you need to talk to your gp and tell him how you feel.

Would you cosider talking to the samaritsns or mind? They have people who will listen to you.

I hope you can get the help you need.



The Samaritans

Tel: 0845 790 9090

Whatever you're going through, we're here to help 24 hours a day. We won't judge you and we won't share what you tell us with anyone else. Get in touch by telephone, email, letter and face to face in the UK andIreland. Visit if you live outside the UK or Ireland.


Mind Infoline: 0845 766 0163 Mind InfoLine offers thousands of callers confidential help on a range of mental health issues. Mind helps people take control of their mental health. We do this by providing high-quality information and advice, and campaigning to promote and protect good mental health for everyone. They also provide a special legal service to the public, lawyers and mental health workers.

Lmarie09 in reply to hamble99b

I have a paychiatrisy I tell him how I feel and I also have a therapist they are both aware I don't understand why I strongly believe I'm gonna loose my fiancé and baby that's not even born yet I cry everyday bc I'm scared if I keep saying it it's gonna happen..I think I have sever anxiety and fear that's taking over my life

I do feel for you Lmarie.

Even if someone doesn't have anxiety or depresdion, they can have fears and worries like yours. You are in a better position than them because you have people to talk about them with.

This does not lesson your fears and anxiety in any way, I just wanted to reassure you that these feelings are normal, you are not alone. You are concerned for, and protective of your baby.

Please try to be understanding of these feelings and be gentle to yourself.

Take care and keep in touch.


hamble :)

Thank you I just hope they don't take it because of this anxiety and what it's doing to me ❤️

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