Will I ever feel normal again I feel like I'm going crazy

This all started Last year I woke up extremely dizzy to the point where I couldn't lay down to make it go away and I panicked then all my symptoms started I started feeling spaced out kind of feeling then came on a very paranoid feeling when I'm around alot of people I would either get a tight doesn't really feel like a headache feeling in my head but it noticable or I would get this strange sickly feeling in my body that makes me feel like my body systems are shutting down my symptoms come in waves and they continue to repeat I have had panic attacks so bad that drove me to the ER I have been to the ER over 10x in the last month to only be diagnosed with everything Fatigue, hypoglycemia, anxiety, depression, dehydration and etc It was at one point they were like why is she keep coming back they ran a test one visit of every street drug u can name I had ekg because I get heart palpitations out of the blue I had a CT Scan everything normal I used to smoke cigarettes and drink (alcohol) u cant pay me to pick up a cigarette or drink a glass of wine (which is a good thing) but I haven't felt normal since that day I got extremely dizzy it's like something came over me I just want to feel normal again can anyone relate its been almost a year someone please let me know that there is hope


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8 Replies

  • Only a year? There is definitely hope. You need to work on mindfulness, meditation, progressive muscular relaxation and all of those anti anxiety things.

    Read Clare Weekes and good luck

  • Goldfish_ how long have you been suffering? It actually scares me that you said only a year? its like how long is this going to last Arw therw some days you feel almost normal? Amd some says you feel bad again?

  • 4 years for me. Every day a struggle. The various techniques help, but I load on more problems with time.

  • Wow I pray and hope that I don't last that long but whats so crazy is that at first I was anxious in the mornings not it has turned to nights can you relate to my symptoms? how many times have you been to the doctor to only be told you are fine? Have you ever been suicidal?

  • Suicidal all the time for 4 years since being caught in a financial problem. I am a doctor and attend for weekly psychotherapy with a psychiatrist

  • Wow I can totally relate spiritual guidance to GOD is the only way I healed the first time I suffered

  • a little dizziness and off balance feeling triggered my health anxiety back in September, had every test done known to man, I think because in my head I think there is something terribly wrong with me the anxiety keeps feeding itself..its hard to accept its only anxiety, but I am trying:)

  • I know it's anxiety but when I get physical symptoms I tend to ruminate and I need reassurance

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