Dizzy, anxious, impending doom, ear fullness and headaches

I am 24 years old and a single mother. I work fulltime and suffer from panic and anxiety disorder. Lately i have been extremely tired, dizzy, head fullness and ears are clogged up. I fear the worst. I have had a ct scan of my sinuses and everything looks normal according to the ENT and i have to wait for the symptoms of my double ear infection to subside. Its been over a week and im panicing that something is seriously wrong with me. My head hurts and feels full like a balloon. Im anxious constantly and all i want to do is sleep. Please someone help me. I need to know im not the only one with the fear of dying...


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  • Awww how awful, sounds like you have anxiety symptoms like most others on here. I have never had anxiety before now it's hard to deal with!

    I believe one of the main symptoms seems to be we all fear the worst. I'm sure you are totally fine.

    Jill x

  • Oh gosh that I think is one of the most common and worse effects of anxiety....the fear of dying every single day. Your not alone believe me but fear is the fuel for anxiety its like its drug. Its not easy to come to terms with anxiety and its symptoms but it is possible. The day you were born you were destined to die...remember these words so even stress won't save you from letting it happen, I'm saying this just to try and set your mind at ease that if you were going to die of this it probably would of happened already like all of us on this group and some has suffered 25 years and more. I know its easier said than done...not to fear but when you come to accept anxiety and its symptoms and allow it to just takes its route and pass your mind and body will learn itself that this is not impending doom and you will begin to feel better

  • Dear Kait....don't despair...everyone has a fear of dying. Mothers fear it because you worry about your child too. I too have had blocked ear, fluid behind eardrum, inflamed and swollen eustacian tube, headaches. I took antibiotics and steroids and feeling a little better. Health anxiety is awful and it takes a lot to stop thinking and dwelling on symptoms. I have had this ear thing for almost three months now. I too have a problem with thinking the worse. Try, (daily) to keep yourself busy...especially your mind. Find a hobby for those difficult days. I've started weaving and it's great therapy. I draw too and that really helps. When you find yourself dwelling in bad thoughts, get up and take a walk with your child or teach him or her a new craft....anything to change your thought pattern. Interrup those negative thoughts...don't let them consume you. Enjoy every moment you have...

    I do pray that you are feeling a bit better this morning. Let me know how it's going and remember you are not alone.


  • Definitely anxiety. I have experienced all these symptoms and so many more. You are definitely not alone. Are you on any meds? If not you may want to see the Dr for your anxiety. He may want to prescribe you something. Anxiety can effect your every day life. There was a point where I actually had to quit a job. The Dr thought it was best to try meds. Luckily they worked and most of my symptoms went away. The ones that didn't were minor and easy to cope with. But the best part was I was not afraid I was going to die all the time anymore.

  • Hey do you mind me asking what meds you Doc prescribed you?? If it got rid of your impending doom I would like to talk to my Doc about that med. I've been trying to recovery naturally but my therapist has really been trying to tell me I may need just a little boost and to consider medication. I want one that helps with the impending doom feeling, everything else I feel I can cope with as well since I know they will eventually subside

  • I was put on Zoloft and it changed my life. Best thing I could have done. A few minor side effects at first but I stuck it out. After the first week I noticed a big change. After a month I was 100% better.

  • Wow really?? And the thoughts of impending doom went away all together??

  • Yep... All bad thoughts were completely gone after a month. I was so bad I felt as if nothing could help and that I was stuck with feeling that way forever. But the Zoloft helped completely.

  • Thank you sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!! I have an appt with my therapist on Saturday and because of you I can hardly wait!!!!!!! I'm definitely gonna try that, I'm sure she'll be glad I'm agreeing to it. She's been saying just consider meds for the boost to my recovery but I've been trying to recover naturally. But after hearing your story, I am soooooo excited and looking forward to something helping help myself. Thank you!!!!!

  • I'm so glad I could help. I was the exact same way in the beginning. I didn't want to have to depend on meds, but therapy alone just wasn't Helping. I actually tried 4 different meds until I was prescribed the Zoloft. It was a journey but I'm beyond thankful. It will all work out. Just try to stay positive and give the meds time to work and you will feel like a new person. I'm so glad I could help and would love for you to update me!

  • Thank you so much!! I will most certainly keep you updated!! Thank you

  • Ive been taking 50mg of stretaline for almost 4 weeks must say im starting to feel refreshed and im not obsessing over my panic attacks and negitive thoughts everyday I still get the bad days but hopefully not be as bad after ive been on for few months :) I think they do take time to work just have to be tough and take meds same time everyday and keep mind busy x

  • im on them to and they haved helped me to as sammy said u do have the odd bad day but definitely has made a difference and feel better than I did Good luck x

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