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Please help!

10 years ago I went on a road trip with my family and when we were driving randomly my hands started to go numb, just like if you sit on them, and I began to have trouble breathing, it was a big scare. It went away for a few years and came back, I get really anxious in the car and sometimes at random, it's hard to breathe and it feels like my heart has stopped even tho it is pumping very fast. It has gottin worse and worse latley and I went to the doctor twice and both times they said it was anxiety, although they did say my heart beat was a tiny bit slow. Sometimes it's fine and sometimes it's really bad, I randomly struggle to breathe and cough a lot, latly I've felt this toghtness in my throat. A few times I'll be laying in bed and it acts up and I'll get really anxious and want to stand up and walk around. Anyone else had symptoms/ experiences like this? Thanks

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Yes , it happens from time to time and as soon as you know there is kind of a problem with you it happens more often dont fret there is hope you just have to come to terms with your body and mind and try to find things to occupy your mind I know it is SO hard to get over an attack but when we start anticipating them more and more the worse our anxiety gets . I know you can do it its hard but very possible . I feel like my heart skips beats and I cant breath and that im gonna be doomed but 10mins later im just fine ! (: good luck


Thanks for the replies, yea it's like I'm breathing but i feel like I'm not getting enough air. It's crazy I'll

Be breathing perfectly

Fine, then the second I think aboutu

Anxiety problem or my breathing it happens and I feel like I'm struggling to breathe.


When you start getting anxious/panic feelings your default system starts to breathe just in the upper part of your chest, meaning much shallower breathing and because your not using a full breath it will feel like your breathing is short gasps. When you start feeling the edgeness/gaspy breathing, stop just stand their or lie down depending on where you are I guess, put your hands on your belly and start really focusing on making your hands rise and fall with each full breath, as you concentrate on doing this (and don't get me wrong it takes a lot of focus at first and practice to just stay their and do this) but it does work and it tells your brain and body that your calming down..Have lived with GAD most of my life and have lots of coping startegies so it does not consume my life, breathing, yoga and exercise definitely work for me, even on them days when I physically and mentally feel drained and I want to just run and avoid all of the symptoms and chaos of it all, breathing exercises and positive self chatter do work...Im reading a great book at the minute The Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters, anything that gives me support is a useful tool at times of despair. This forum is great for all of us, take care Dee x


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