Anxiety, Please Help!!!!

Hello All,

My name is Sherelle and I'm a married woman and mother of 2 beautiful daughters. I was once a normal person who wasn't afraid of anything. I was able to attend every event that a friend or family member would host and I would even help out with everything. I used to drive everywhere. So currently I don't drive anymore, I lost my 10 year job from anxiety😟 I have pain in my neck, numbness in my left leg, foot, arm, fingers, headaches, tightness in chest, head zaps, shortness of breath, always thinking the worst, nervousness, heart papitations, weakness, cold, sometimes I can't walk, brain fog, feeling alone, can't go out with friends unless my husband is there. I rely on my husband, my mom and my kids outside of God for comfort. I just feel so helpless. I've had numerous visits to the doctor and emergency rooms. I've had blood work done, EKG's Echocardiograms and they told me my heart is good. I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired. I just want to be healthy and be able to drive again, go out alone again, be a mother to my kids and a wife to my husband.


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  • Hi,

    You sound like you are writing this post about me. I am a mother to 2 young boys and a baby daughter. I used to be to everything but now I am just a shadow of my old self! I have all the same symptoms as you, left leg foot numb tingles. Left arm and generally whole left side of body feels wrong. I am breathless, dizzy, chest heaviness, brain zaps, burning nerve pain, weak, derealization, intolerance to medication, head pressure, neck pressure, spasms etc the list is endless. I have had many tests all of which came back clear. I have been told by my neurologist I have fnd and symptoms of cfs. It is so frustrating because I just want to go back to normal how I used to be. I was fine until a virus triggered all this when I was 11 weeks pregnant with my daughter.

  • Hi Lawley3,

    Wow it does seem like I was writing about you and you about me. This anxiety demon is scary but I serve a high God that I'm more than certain will get us all through this storm. It's just so hard on a daily basis. I can't travel by plane anymore and my husband wants to travel🙁. I have one daughter in gymnastics and it's hard to go to her competitions because of my anxiety. I just feel like I'm not me anymore. I'm so lost in my own body. I'm praying for you and others.

  • Thank you,

    I will pray for you too. I pray everyday things will get easier. I can't travel anymore and it is so frustrating as I really want to take my children on holiday this year and be a normal mum and wife!

  • Sounds like me :( I'm the same trying to get my son to footy is a battle. Just going to the shops is hard unless I'm with someone. I just want the old me back :(

  • I know exactly what you are talking about...had the same thing for at least a year. I have three children and I thought I was losing my mind. Honestly, it was horrible. I didn't drive either because I was so terrified. Tell you what I finally did to help myself. First, I prayed and prayed! Second, I started taking vitamin stress tablets, then I would meditate (even if it was for five minutes) just breath out all the way...then breath in through your nose counting to 4, hold your breath for 7 seconds, breath out your mouth for 8 sec do this 4 times. It really does help! I promise you that life does get better, it may not seem like it right now, but there is hope! You have us on this site that can support you and relate to you so never be afraid to ask for help! You are in my prayers! Take one day at a time...keep positive thoughts in your mind!

  • Hi sherelle. .. I read your post and I thought I was reading about me. I worked travelled alone anywhere. .went shopping. .gym. .anywhere anytime. .no problem. Now I do not leave the house unless I am with someone. Like I need a babysitter. It's very difficult. ... I always feel like I let my daughter and husband down..... xxxxx

  • Hi MrsBo8,

    I'm so sorry that you are going through this as I know how difficult it is on a daily basis. Yeah it's totally like I need a babysitter. My mom, my husband and my older daughter is always helping me or always have to drive me places and go into the stores either for me or with me. I never endured anything like this before and I wish it would go away. I just continue to pray. I will pray for you as well. Did your anxiety just come out of nowhere or it stemmed from a issue in your life?

  • I have pretty much the same things going on as you, even as you say "head zaps" I'm in such a terrible setback . I am 67 have had this terrible Fear, anxiety, panic, Depression Crap going on for most of my life. This is probably the worst I have been in a long, long time :( I'm an agoraphobic, have been most of my life. some days are better than others. But lately, its been pretty much bad days everyday. I lost my Husband 8 years ago, I have a 46 year old son, I try to help take care of his home and my grandkids and their dog. Grandkids always were very close with me and my son is too, but my Grandkids are now 18 and 14 so they don't have much time for a 67 year old Grandma now, and my son has RA pretty bad and other health problems I have RA too, but I try to do the main things at his home so he don't have to. He had a hip replacement, and his pain problems are worse than mine, and he has a Girlfriend, we don't get along, she won't lift 1 finger to help him. only bothers to come around a couple times a week, and she can't stand my Grandkids either. I feel kinda like No body wants to be bothered with me anymore, Like I am a nucience, not needed, I don't have anyone to talk to or that could really help ME when I need it ????? I also take care of Ferel Cats ... the ones people take and then throw away, and they turn wild and have to fend for themselves. I feed and try to have a shelter in the barn for them. But you can't pet them they're wild. Point is I'm feeling a lot like you, they say misery loves company, I'm sorry your having all these problems but its nice to no I'm not alone :) I hope we both find something that will help us. I'll let you no if I do :) My mom was always this way too, she used to say she wouldn't wish this on her worst enemy :( Good Luck

  • Ms. Judy I am praying for you and all of us on this site. Anxiety is not a good thing for anyone. I wish it never existed. It's so sad when you go through something so annoying on a daily basis and you just can't seem to get rid of it. You just want to live a normal and healthy life. We all want to enjoy our loved ones and be able to do the things that we used to do. Ms. Judy you have so much on your plate that you are dealing with and you have no help which is really hurtful and brings more stress to you and your body. I will definitely continue to pray for you and your healing🌺🌺🌺

  • Thank you so much Sherelle 1010 , I can use all the Prayers I can get :)

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