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Healthy anxiety- help please!


I’ve woke up with a bump on inside of my left arm, it’s not very big but is making my whole arm sting/burn and it’s making me very anxious not knowing what it is or why it’s hurting so much! I know you aren’t doctors but if anyone’s had anything like this before please feel free to clue me up! Thanks

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I’ve had this even once on my face I think it’s a little bite it will go away xxx

Ok thank you. Wonder what I’ve been bitten off xxx

I still don’t know myself if I’m honest but I’ve had a couple exactly like that before and they just went away xxx

Thank you xxx

Your welcome xxxx

My partner just said he feels like he has a bite on his leg also which is itching. Also when I shine the light on my bite it’s got a little red dot (when I googled this is off blood sucking) as I’m typing this my dog is itching like mad. I think I’ll be going to the shop to buy some flea treatment soon and washing my bedding xxx

Ahhh yes the little red dot to me confirms you’ve had a bite! That’ll be it ! Bedding on a hot wash and anything your dogs been laying on etc :) xxx

He’s a swine, he lies on everything so it’s going to be a long day washing haha! 😂 xxx

Hahaa I know that feeling my cat used to lay everywhere he brought fleas home a couple times the little bugger 😂xxx

Oh no! We’ve just moved recently so I’m thinking he’s probably picked them up whilst exploring 😂 xxx

Ahhhh yes more than likely that’s when my cat got them the last time from when we moved he made friends with other cats and I think he kept getting them from his “ friends “ haha xxx

It could be anything !! Hardly anything serious and could be a bed bug bite or a slight allergy symptom or even a spot. Nothing at all to worry about, try not to be anxious over it and just see it as something pointless and if it get worse, which I doubt it will, but if it does you'll go to see a doctor about it. Personally I'd say it will be gone in a couple of hours or so.

I’m trying to ignore but it’s so sore haha. But some sudocrem on to try and ease the stinging.

Sudocream best stuff around !!! Good idea.

Works for everything haha!

It does ! To be honest it looks like a bed bug bite. Get some bicarbonate of soda and sprinkle it on your mattress, it kills bed bugs off, hoover it off. All done.

Thank you I’ll go out and buy some today. I’ve had bed bugs before off a hotel and they didn’t hurt like this, maybe it just caught me wrong. My partner has now said he thinks he has a bite on his leg which is itching. My dog is also scratching. So will get bi-carb and flea treatment and will put the bedding on a hot wash haha.

Sprinkle the whole tub on your mattress, only a quid a tub, leave it on for an hour, then Hoover !. Like brand new.

I will do, thank you for the tips!

Funnily enough in the Guardian today

How strange! Because I’ve just checked my dog and there seems to be no signs of creepy crawlies on him! It’s not that long since I treated him, about a month or so! So it does make me wonder if it is bed bugs. That was an interesting read! I’m off out soon to buy some bi-card and put the bedding in the wash

It looks like a wasp sting. I was stung, just yesterday, on my side, and it was pretty sore. Had a tiny puncture hole, red risen area around it, and a red rash area, beyond that. It was stingy for hours. It should fade over next couple of days. It didn't itch. I still have a little redness, this morning.

Oh you poor sweetheart. It really does look like a simple bite. That area where you have the bite is quite a sensitive zone. If it was something serious I am sure you would know by now and have sought treatment. A good simple quick treatment is Bicarb of Soda. Mix a teaspoon into enough water to turn it into a paste and put it on the bite. My sister reacts like that to bites, could be anything really, something simple as a flea bite. Not the nicest thing to think about but it will eventually go away.

How's the bite going ? any improvement ?

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