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I'm still not understanding this at all

How can I still be having suffocation feelings day and night with no relief other than Ativan at night for sleep that has been going on for 15 weeks now? I would love to find a job, do volunteering but can't until I get rid of this suffocation feeling and at times tightening of chest as well as head in fog. There have been problems in my life through the years but nothing I couldn't manage. Never had any anxiety or panic attacks before this came out in January. I get up every morning looking forward to a new day, looking forward to getting out. I enjoy reading, watching "nice" tv shows, going out for lunch and yet once I awake from a pretty decent sleep thanks to Ativan that suffocation feeling is there to greet me. Is my brain really that messed up? Another 5 days before I see the therapist again. I'm sorry if I keep repeating myself but it really makes me mad.

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Hey idawmn,

don't apologize your voicing your concerns. :)

If the sensation is mor centered at the front center of the throat it's anxiety another thing it could be acid reflux related have you tried antacids??

I think that's what I've told you before not sure sorry if I did confuse you.

I used to get that feeling at first they thought it was anxiety a trip to the er and a ct scan later it was acid reflux. Did treatment and felt better. Hope you feel better soon!




Acid reflux and all has been ruled out. Thanks.


have you considered babesia which is a coinfection of lyme disease?

i have the same problem and its a horrible symptom


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